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posted Dec 02, 2012 16:33:16 by Consfearacynewz
HOW TO SPOT A TROLL!;sid=2006/2/10/123537/533
By lizbitchwitch

I am not talking about the blatant trolls like Butch the Man and Stevebejerkus or even people like invited neo who some people, although fully aware where his alliances are, don't consider him a troll because he does debate and that may be the case - but you know what I mean by troll. I am talking about those who pretend to be one of us and infiltrate and disrupt our space and our synergy.

Perhaps NAA could lable the types of trolls I speak of using their proper latin names.

1) the question askers - those who ask a lot of questions like they are polling almost. Which candidate do you guys like best? How many people here live in Blue states? How does everyone feel about such and such for a candidate? Or how many people attended such and such a rally or are members of such and such group. I am not saying that all question askers are from the other side but I am saying be wary of them. How many liberal democrats do you know taking polls on liberal sites without at least introducing themselves as working for this or that organization, first? If they are just one of those people and they haven't introduced themselves than it's their bad to begin with. That is deceptive too.

2) There are those who ask for sources all the time. Oh where did you read that? Do you have the link for the original piece? I would like to read more on this issue, can you direct me to your sources? Kind of person. Most people will want to know some people/s sources for certain things but not everything - and there are some people who just ask for sources and hardly comment on anything else. Be careful because the other side is working hard to squash the information flow on the internet. By directing them to the places we get our information you are actually endangering our information flow unless you can be sure. Otherwise share your sources with the blog posters - they are looking to stop information of a certain kind now. It is a fine line because you want people to have the information you have but you don't want to dime them out either. Like I find the pesky links weekly diary to be invaluable and I hope that it continues to post. I think that is an excellent service and don't mean not to provide sources for your information. Just use your best judgement and watch out for those always asking for sources is all.

3) Those who have conflicting stories. One minute you see them saying one thing and the next something else - like for instance - perhaps one is saying how they have donated a bunch of money to New Orleans recovery project or something and donated their time to help rebuild and then the next they are talking about how they have lived poor their entire lives and have never had any extra money to spend on others or something like that. Bad example but you get my drift.

4) The ones that come on too strong too fast. They want to be your best friend and right away. They will email you if they can or ask you to email them about something. They will agree with everything you say and everything everyone else says from your side. And they often have some similar career or idea as you do too.

5) The plagiarizers. Those who copy word for word, someone else's piece for they obviously can't fake liberal thought even if they tried and it works for them. Once a plagiarizer you can bet they are someone you don't want to be hanging out with.

6) Those who may act crazy but effectively disrupt things here. Like those who continually use diaries despite complaints and everything else and those who ramble on about this or that while removing a damned good piece of well researched information right off the front page in no time. It's rude but they seem oblivious that their talking shit has really disrupted things and discouraged others. No one is that crazy. If they were they wouldn't be very good at doing what they do.

7) Be wary of the ones you just don't trust for some reason or another. You may just be paranoid and have no reason to not trust them but all we have to go on these days is our intuition. Just try to be open to the fact that you may be wrong. If you are not sure still - then discuss it with others whom you have relationships with on the board but do so OFF the board. Go to the friend who is most likely to say your wrong too - check yourself.

Those who encourage division of sorts are more than likely trolls and this gets hard because many of us speak republican democrat and conservative liberal and us and them. I have here but these people divide in almost everything they do and they more than likely won't single out the guilty ones, like the Bush administration or name political names. They make it and everything an us and them thing - but like I said be really careful because many of us do that - I, for one think that it has come down to the good versus the bad and I am by no means a troll here. I am a lot of things that aren't all that great but I am not a troll. So this is just another hint if you are suspicious of someone.

9) It is good to remember that having a liberal mindset or a good heart is hard to fake with those that don't. They would have to be very well skilled and trained and the chances of them wasting their very skilled and top infiltrators are not as great as we might suspect. Plus their resources are not that great considering their number one qualification is to be loyal to them no matter what. f**k the training and the skill or aptitude test scores. As long as they do the will of their soul owners they are bound to get a supreme court position; chair at one of the government agencies like the FDA or FEMA so don't expect too much quality - but be aware.

10) The best way to learn how to detect a troll is to be a troll. Try to find some Bush loving Freako site to infiltrate. There are not many who will let you just sign up but those that do will bleep you right off the site the instant they smell your dissention. I am saying that you shouldn't lie and pretend to be anything you are not but make short comments or play a game to see how long you can remain a member who actively posts before they bleep you. The idea is learning how to say something slick so they can't sniff you out at first. Hell if you want, try to be their friends but since we have no agenda or any reason to infiltrate their scene and rather we are simply taking a training course in trollism so we can better pop them, I wouldn't suggest having that energy in your life but who knows, you may learn a lot. You will see how good they are at deleting you and how frustrating it is and you will also learn just what it takes to be an undetected troll - it really helps learn the trade and therefore spot one a mile a way.

11) Last but not least, please understand and remember that you may be wrong. You have no choice but to go with that which you believe to be true - even though you are aware that you may be wrong but do so in a respectful way. Sit back and watch that person. Test them if you want but try not to engage in conversation with them if you can help it. And don't scream it out in public unless your certain - I personally have done so and I am now doubting my accusations and although I don't know if I was wrong per se I am less sure that I was right. So remember you may be alienating a very important person in our movement toward a better world and justice for all.

Another note on the subject; it occurred to me that moderators and forum managers watch more carefully than anyone else here. Their observations can be detected sometimes in the things that they do even though they may be unaware of it. They are usually more neutral about people and less emotionally invested then the active posters but they are the best source for those who have been quietly watching and observing the interactions. They of course, are too professional and respectable to make claims of things they can not be sure of and most of the people at truthout, I suspect are true journalists with those ethics that most journalist in this country have allowed to slip their minds and hearts so don't ask them any questions like that they won't tell you but they will , as it is only natural, clue some of us in on what they are thinking just by what they do. so, there is another tool that can not be taken on as an answer and must be used with other tools and things but still it will help sometimes. Hell for all I know they could actually disagree with me totally but this is just something I think is a good idea. Also watch for what the regular journalist or members of truthout write about trolls or internet this or that on the front page - they may not be allowed to tell us things due to whistleblowing criminal laws they have recently enacted without ever making it official or whatever but that they know which may very well be seen in the writings on the wall. Another words read between the lines if you can.

The fact that this site has seen so many trolls in the recent months is quite something. It is a compliment and it means we are making a difference. There are trolls that put themselves here, unpaid and spiteful, which are the easiest to detect and more than likely are looking for a job in the right wing arena of high paying jobs to unqualified people but they are trolls like Steveshebakus, Stan the Butch and Truth and Jerry CG (AKA Jeff Gannon) - they may be paid posters but they are certainly the bottom of the food chain and are paid because they give us something to focus on as well as making the latent trolls less detectable by their blatancy. Be nice to them for they know not what they do (as Cassandra would say) and know that they will be the first on the devils list of most perishable in their food chain - they will suffer the worst and shall be first to go even before us. Otherwise have fun and don't be too paranoid. HA!

I feel like I am lizbitchwitch 007 staring in a spy movie or something - how about you guys? HA! Looks like we might be making a difference so keep on keeping on people.
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