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Absolute Proof Sandy Hook was Staged

posted Jan 16, 2013 19:12:09 by RickMatheson
Although she does not appear in any of the class photos, the media claims that 6-year-old Emilie Parker on the right was shot in the Sandy Hook massacre. Here she is shown with her parents along with her 3 and 4-year-old sisters. But the story that she was killed at Sandy Hook is not possible because here she is sitting on the president's lap after the shooting.

What may have happened is that when the photographer said to bring out the Parker girls, they brought out Emilie by mistake. The rest of the Parker family changed their clothes after the family picture but since Emilie was not supposed to be in the picture with the president, she remained in the same dress.

From left to right is Emilie, her father, the president, her mother, her sister and the family law attorney that claims to be her aunt.

Here the fake father makes his national TV debut.

Just as the movie Operation Terror ( ) shows the 9/11 attacks as a made-for-TV event, so too are the mass shootings. It is important that the real parents of the victims do not get on television as they might ask embarrassing questions like, why does the media claim that this car belongs to Adam Lanza when it really belongs to Chris Rodia?

The real parents might also ask who gave the orders to release the man that the police caught running into the woods right after the shooting? Some claim that it was Chris Manfredonia who has a child at the school was the man running out into the woods. This is not true, Manfredonia did not run out into the woods and he was not wearing camouflage pants and a black top. Only the man that the police captured and Adam Lanza were described as wearing camouflage pants and a black top.

Although the Libor scandal connection to Sandy Hook is just another Sorcha Faal Hoax, there can be no doubt that Sandy Hook was a staged event.

If America were still a free country, all of the adults that participated in this cover-up would be prosecuted as accessories after the fact in a mass murder.

Original pictures;
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RickMatheson said Jan 16, 2013 19:17:02
OK - WTF is going on here:

Bad enough?


"REGION 1" !! -- REGION 1 !!! Huh?


Wow, never ends...!

Q: What does Ogden, Utah have to do with the Parker family?

What's the connection?

Emilie Alice Parker


The family will receive friends at Myers Mortuary, 845 Washington Boulevard, Ogden, Utah, Friday, December 21, from 5 to 8 pm. Services will be held at the Rock Cliff Stake Center, 1000 Suncrest Drive, Ogden, Utah, Saturday, December 22, at 10 am.

Jowdy-Kane Funeral Home, 9-11 Granville Avenue, Danbury, is in charge of arrangements.

The Newtown Bee Posted December 19, 2012


(bolding mine)

I did a quick search.. DARPA has a facility there:

But this is still too weak... If there is any connection worthy of this type of forum, it will need more than this, but I figured I'd post it, as maybe more will look into the connection. It may just be family related. Find out.

I'm still looking...
RickMatheson said Jan 16, 2013 19:17:31
Before you read any further - take 30 seconds and watch this video. You'll understand why, once you read explore this post further.

Here it is:

OK ... great... stage is set, lights, camera - action:

Related: (and I suggest you save it - screen shot it, whois it, etc.):

(Oh, and in case you didn't watch the 2nd video posted here, and went right for the TEXT file -- Scroll to the bottom & see where it's from.)
RickMatheson said Jan 16, 2013 19:18:22
Are we being set up with some of this stuff.

For instance, look at this YouTube channel:

Scott Walker

by Scott Walker

Date Joined Dec 23, 2012

Country United States

82 Videos - Nearly all of them about Sandy Hook - And with a join date of Dec. 23rd??

I'd like for this whole thing to be blown wide-open already, because something is not right here.

AP NEWS: "No firearms or weapons permits under Nancy Lanza's name" Whitewashed.
RickMatheson said Jan 16, 2013 19:20:28
RIP Victoria Soto Page created 4 days before she died!!.

7.10 min

Emily Parker making the Baphomet Sign

Victoria Soto Baphomet sign in the background.

2 more Baphomet signs in this picture

RickMatheson said Jan 16, 2013 19:20:35

Ties into some characters at the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.

Looks like above links were whitewashed since the making of the video.

Maurice R. Greenberg

AKA Maurice Raymond Greenberg
Executive summary: CEO of American International Group, 1967-2005

Maurice's son Michael's wife is Vikki Greenberg (dont know her maiden)

It looks like this was not his first marriage (but I could be wrong) but Vikki doesn't look like the mother of Jennifer Sexton

Jennifer Sexton, one of Michael Greenbergs daughters (Formerly Jennifer Greenberg) is the mother of Samantha and Emily

Richard Sexton is her husband and the Father of Samantha and Emily

Samantha is the Christina Taylor Green Character
and Emily her younger sister

The boy that plays her brother in real life I believe is her cousin Ethan and depending on the photo they show and the age they try to make her the person playing her brother is swapped out for her other cousin Kyle. (see the photos)

Samantha Sexton in 2010 is show to have her 12 birthday party (although the cake shows 13 candles, you decide) We see her in additional photos and in the album where her family attended a Bat Mitzvah of a family member and the dat of that event was in March 2011. After the Giffords Event was said to have happened. thus proving my case.

Do I smell Mossad?
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