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Be Careful: The Sandy “Hoax” Trap

posted Jan 22, 2013 07:03:41 by Consfearacynewz
whether true or not I am making no judgement or statement either way. I have tried to put all of the different views here and all of the info I have seen and it is up to everyone else to come to their own conclusion.

That being said....
Be Careful Of The The Sandy “Hoax” Trap!

An explanation of the groups mention in the passage is given here:

What better way to discredit and eliminate”conspiracies theorists” than to give them enough rope to hang themselves? What better way is there to drive a permanent wedge between groups 2 and 3 above than allowing them to hoist themselves by their own petard? What better time to do this than in the emotionally charged aftermath of a national tragedy when the world is in mourning? What better way to do this than manipulating them into accusing the grieving parents of “acting” on spurious grounds? This can surely only lead to derision and ostracisation and the reinforcement of the negative “conspiracy theorist” narrative.

The application of this manipulation would be relatively straightforward and without risk. You bide your time until an “inevitable” heinous crime is committed, a crime that you have had absolutely no involvement in and so horrific that it results in a state of collective grief and an outpouring of sympathy for the victims. When this opportunity arises you control the release of information, such as not releasing the crime scene photos or allowing the parents of the children to see their murdered children or otherwise misleading information that will direct those who seek to false and ideally offensive conclusions. This will send the “conspiracy” community (from groups 1 and 2) who take the bait into overdrive and those mildly sceptical due to the inconsistencies in the official narrative (group 3) to the blogs and sites of groups 1 and 2.

With this in place you release disinformation in drips and drabs for “conspiracy theorists” to get excited about. Disinformation that ultimately discredits the researcher and by association their other research. Essential to this would be the government shills who would be already in place posing as “conspiracy theorists” pushing with all their might their black propaganda. These are the people who frame the debate and from whom the most absurd and offensive memes develop amongst the “conspiracy” community.

Once out there it develops a life of it’s own and a chain-reaction begins and honest people begin to spread the disinformation and the meme is firmly in place as representing the “conspiracy” or alternative viewpoint.

The next phase is something that has already come to pass - the demonisation of “conspiracy theorists” in the MSM which focused on the most vile and off-putting “conspiracy theories”. The part is perceived to represent the whole and this by design extends itself in the minds of the audience to other alternative theories such as 9/11 and JFK.

I would predict the endgame to be the release (or leak) of irrefutable evidence which confirms that the attack took place such as crime scene photographs along with calls to shutdown alternative blogs and sites.

I do understand your hesitance but my intentions are good. This Sandy Hook fiasco is going to blow up in all our faces unless there is a pushback. I'm thinking this psyop to discredit the alternative media could be a precursor to something big in the pipeline but nobody will listen to us again after this and they'll get away with AGAIN! The MSM attack dogs are out in force...
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