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Was Adam Lanza's identity given to us in Man of Steel trailer?

posted Jan 22, 2013 08:11:51 by Consfearacynewz
As we know, Batman, The Dark Knight Rises, ominously contained the words "Sandy Hook" on the Gotham map, telling us where the next big shooting event would happen.

What I want to show you here is how the Man of Steel trailer provided the other half of the clue equation.

Please follow along here:

Here's the Man of Steel Trailer:

At 0:33 seconds (the ultimate Masonic number) into the trailer, a photo appears of a teen waiving his hand in a hello gesture, while standing in front of a sign reading "Science Fair". On either side of his are two, what are probably meant to be, volcanoes, obviously built for the science fair. However, notice the imagery, both are pyramids, and the teen is standing right between them.

Notice the resemblance, at quick glance, of the dark mop haired teen in the photo to that of one Adam Lanza.

Now, do a quick search in Google Images for "Adam Lanza". One of the images being floated around by the MSM shows Adam Lanza inside of a cut out pyramid. Compare the two photos including the hand gesture made by the teen in the Man of Steel trailer:

Notice what is on the wall in the background of this Man of Steel scene...the words, "Science Fair". The MSM has presented Adam Lanza as a computer science, tech-nerd. This scene from Man of Steel draws a direct parallel with the characterization of Lanza that the media has fomented.

So why am I emphasizing this scene, other than for the obvious reasons identified so far? Because the emphasis is not necessary from me...the Man of Steel movie does that quite well itself!

A split-second later, still at 0:33 seconds, a set of fingers come down and point directly at the teen.

Now fingers like that ring a bell don't they? Haven't you seen fingers like like recently? Oh yeah....when they provided the emphasis for location in the Dark Knight Rises film:

So what is the Man of Steel trailer telling us about Adam Lanza, assuming we buy that these are not all conicindences? Well forward to the 0:55 second mark in the trailer, and the camera focuses on this image:

Yes, that is a monarch butterfly caught in a chain link. Are they telling us that Adam Lanza is "linked" to "Project Monarch"?

For those who need a very quick couple sentences on what Project Monarch is....

"Project Monarch is a US Defense Department code name assigned to a subsection of the Central Intelligence Agency's Operation Artichoke later become Project MK Ultra. Whereas Project Monarch was officially dedicated sometime in the early 1960's by the US Army. Project Monarch is a genealogical approach to define trans-generational (via genetic psychology) behavioral modification through trauma based psychological mind control."

Did you pick up the "genetic" aspect? Interesting that Adam Lanza's remains have been sent to the University of Connecticut to be studied by "Geneticists"! Click on this URL and take a look at the image many of the media outlets have chosen to accompany this news story. Clearly, they are making sure their Project Monarch mind controlled slave had everything go well under the hood....a biological verification of the successful effect.

So what's the connection between The Dark Knight Rises and the Man of Steel films? One need look no further than the 0:46 second mark of the Man of Steel:

Yup that's right Christopher Nolan produced both Dark Knight Rises AND Man of Steel!

Furthermore, Christopher Nolan made sure that each print of Dark Knight Rises, went out with the Man of Steel Trailer preceding it. That means that the Man of Steel trailer, that i have disected above, was shown to the audience in Aurora, Colorado, the night of the Dark Knight Rises shootings. Here's the proof of that:

Interesting to note that this Man of Steel trailer was added to Youtube the day after the Aurora shootings. Ritualistically, it had to make it's debut before the Dark Knight Rises that night, before it could be shown to the general public.


So this leaves me with no other alternative than to conclude that what was shown in the theater in Aurora, Colorado, July 20, 2012, told us the following about the next false flag, mass shooting:

Where it was going to be....

Who was going to do it....

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