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Photo From The Philadelphia Experiment

posted Jan 27, 2013 16:02:00 by Consfearacynewz

The Philadelphia Experiment
By some accounts, the actual results of the experiment involve occurrences far stranger than anyone could imagine. The tests performed were an attempt to make a ship invisible to enemy radar. This was achieved by wrapping "bottle" an electromagnetic around the ship in question, absorb or deflect radar waves. The bottle was created by two (or four - accounts differ) massive Tesla coils acting as electromagnetic generators, one was mounted forward and one was mounted aft. Other accounts state that a number of magnetic generators, called demagnetizing, were used. When activated, the electromagnetic field extending from the vessel and divert radar waves around the ship, so that the Eldridge invisible to radar receivers.

USS Eldridge at sea April 25, 1944

When the real test was in motion, a number of strange and unexpected side effects occurred. As the magnetic field increases in strength, they began to spread about 100 meters from the ship in all directions, forming a large sphere. Within this field, the ship became fuzzy and indistinct, and a greenish haze formed around the ship, hiding from view. Finally, the only visible object was the outline of the hull of the Eldridge where he entered the water. Then, to the astonishment of the spectators, the whole ship disappeared from view.

It was at this point (the disappearance of the Eldridge) that the real power of the electromagnetic field that had been created was revealed. The Eldridge had not only out of sight of observers in Philadelphia, Philadelphia had disappeared all together! The ship had been instantly transported to several hundred kilometers - from Philadelphia to Norfolk, Virginia. After a few minutes, the ship once again disappeared, to return to Philadelphia.

For the Navy, the test has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Not only had lent a ship invisible to radar, they had done optically invisible too, not to mention causing the vessel to teleport hundreds of miles in a matter of minutes. For the team, however, the trip was a nightmare.

The test had managed to 'outdated' whole ship with the surrounding universe, so he was able to travel from Philadelphia to Norfolk instantly. This phasing effect had drastic effects on the crew. During the experiment, the crew found they could walk through solid objects, and when the course was closed, men are embedded in the bulkheads, decks and railings of the ship. The results were pretty awful that some men went mad. Later, several members of the crew simply disappeared. Some disappeared into the air, and another, having dinner with his family, got up, walked through a wall and was never seen again. Some men went into what was called the 'Freeze'. This is where a man was out of sight, unable to move, speak or affect their environment. Initially, the Freeze effect lasted only a few minutes to a few hours. Interestingly, the invisible crew were still visible to other sailors who had survived the original experiment. After a while, the Freeze effect lasted for days or months, and became known as the "Deep Freeze" (Other terms include "Caught in the Flow", "Caught in the Push ',' Get Stuck ',' is goes blank ',' Hell Incorporated "or" Stuck in Molasses'). The Deep Freeze could drive a man crazy in no time, and could only be countered if other crew members made an 'imposition of hands' technique to give force and allow victim recover from his affliction. Unfortunately, two men burst into flames while laying on of hands, burning for 18 days despite all attempts to extinguish the fire.

Seeing the horrific aftermath of the experiment, the Navy suspended all further research on radar and optical invisibility. The surviving crew members were discharged as mentally unfit for service and many were put in asylums. However, science has not done enough research on the electromagnetic fields or radar and its effects on the human mind. Project Rainbow may have been dissolved, but the Phoenix project was just beginning.

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