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Dorner manhunt: Weapons found in burned truck

posted Feb 10, 2013 17:07:43 by Consfearacynewz

So will they tell the truth about the weapons found or make up a list?

Dorner manhunt: Weapons found in burned truck

This is the bread and circus *scon.
A man who was intentionally dismissed from the force due to inability to cover for a bad cop.
The show begins, he is not liked, the supervisors and I.A. don't need this kind of guy around, honesty presents problems on a higher level.
P.O's fire on a blue car, wacking out innocents, no warning, no roadblock, no chase , ZIP. PLUS-Its my understanding this guy had a grey pickup truck, not a blue semi van. (The authority's are now saying)
Now they found (what they are telling us) is the grey pickup truck was found torched, they go on to say there were weapons found. Why would a guy on the run leave his weapons and torch his vehicle, calling attention maby. Have the guns been matched to the killings (ballistics), NO, and they won't be, if there was ammo with the guns there would be visible evidence as well, they would have exploded and marked the exterior.
To top it all of the supervisor (chief) is going back a few years to re-investigate the charges Christopher made, why, to misdirect the whole shebang, at this point its over. This entire scenario is beyond belief.
What was it Feinstein said, lay down your weapons, WTF. Why do I smell the Federal (crew) in the shadows(media). I have to tell they will tell us anything no matter who convoluted. The truth to this tale will not be revealed to the public (spinmasters).

The burned pickup truck belonging to Christopher Jordan Dorner had a broken axle and weapons were found inside, authorities said.

The truck is being processed by the Irvine Police Department, a police spokesman told The Times on Saturday afternoon. Another law enforcement officer confirmed that weapons were found inside the truck.

Irvine police spokeswoman Julia Engen said the truck is in a “secured evidence storage locker” in Irvine and is “severely burned.” She added that it was unclear how the axle damage occurred. She declined to comment about any other items found in the vehicle.

CNN reported Saturday that guns were found in the truck and CBS News reported ammunition was also discovered.
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