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Breaking : Chris Dorner Posts on Facebook

posted Feb 11, 2013 05:04:43 by Consfearacynewz
On the run Chris Dorner, ex LAPD and Navy Seal, has alledgedly been posting updates on Facebook within the last two days, which have been taken down and has been reinstated by himself while on the run.

"The internal affairs investigation in the academy involving Schefres was spurned by a complaint that I had initiated toward two fellow recruit/offifcers. While on a assigned patrol footbeat in Hollywood Division, Officers Hermilio Buridios IV and Marlon Magana (both current LAPD officers) decided that they would voice their personal feelings about the black community. While traveling back to the station in a 12 passenger van I heard Magana refer to another individual as a nigger. I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly as there were many conversations in the van that was compiled of at least 8 officers and he was sitting in the very rear and me in the very front." - Which Chris Dorner posted on Facebook on Monday the 11 February (alledgedly)
He went on to say "During the BOR, the department attempted to label me unsuccessfully as a bully. They stated that I had bullied a recruit, (name withheld by us), in the academy when in reality and unfounded disposition from the official 1.28 formal complaint investigation found that I was the one who stood up for (name withheld) when other recruits sang nazi hitler youth songs about burning Jewish ghettos in WWII Germany where his father was a survivor of a concentration camp. How fucking dare you attempt to label me with such a nasty vile word. I ask that all earnest journalist investigating this story ask Ofcr. (name withheld) about the incident when Ofcr. Burdios began singing a nazi youth song about burning jewish ghettos."

"I’m not an aspiring rapper, I’m not a gang member, I’m not a dope dealer, I don’t have multiple babies momma’s. I am an American by choice, I am a son, I am a brother, I am a military service member, I am a man who has lost complete faith in the system, when the system betrayed, slandered, and libeled me. I lived a good life and though not a religious man I always stuck to my own personal code of ethics, ethos and always stuck to my shoreline and true North. I didn’t need the US Navy to instill Honor, Courage, and Commitment in me but I thank them for re-enforcing it. It’s in my DNA."
"Pray for me... I need to keep moving. I won't have internet connection for few hours. Thank you for your prayers!" Chris Dorner
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