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Guy Fawkes Mask - Impact Resistant - Hand Made in USA

posted Jun 07, 2013 18:16:36 by Consfearacynewz

Looking for a Guy Fawkes mask that will actually help protect your face from impact? Then this is your mask. This mask is hand made in the USA from a thermoset urethane impact resistant resin offering superior protection compared to most other commonly available cheaper masks of this kind. If your personal safety is a priority then please consider this higher quality hand made mask. It is lightweight and offers an elastic, adjustable strap and sturdy nylon buckles and slides for comfort and long life. And yes, there are nose holes for increased breathing capacity.

Enhances resistant against: 1. Bean Bag Round (flexible baton round) 2. Aerial-born tear gas canister impact 3. Punch to the face 4. And others...

Light-weight: 200 grams (.44 lbs)
Impact Resistant

ADDITONAL COLORS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!!!!! Simply send me a message with the color you would like for face and hair (any common color available) and I will send you your CUSTOM ORDER (additional $5 charge).

This mask is built for action. Good luck out there.
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