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Mobile Apps For Hacktivists

posted Jun 07, 2013 18:58:16 by Consfearacynewz
Hacking Apps For Apple iPhone Devices

The insecure Android app for your hacking pleasure

Top 10 iPhone apps for electronics hackers

Four Best WiFi Cracking Applications For your Iphone - See more at:

Killer Android app allows the clueless to hack, pwn like a pen tester

Android Hacking Tools Pack

I don't know if anyone needs this but atleast it wont hurt for sharing this.

Almost all tools need root.

- anmap-NMAP
- Anti/zAnti-penetration testing app

- AnDOSid-DOSing tool
- NMAP/wjholdem-another NMAP. For me anmap beter
- FaceNiff+FaceNiff unlocker-wifi sniffer. Very good
- Net swiss tool-very good hacking multi tool
- OrBot-TOR for android
- Penetrate-wifi hacking tool
- Port scanner-port scanner
- SMS Bomber-very nice and fast
- SpoofApp-I haven't tried but should be good
- SuperUser Elite-Pro version of super user
- Wifi kill-internet disabler for devices on same network

Read more: VCTools - Hack Forums - [Leak]Android Hacking Tools Pack

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