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Hacking resources

posted Jun 09, 2013 22:32:16 by Consfearacynewz

Hack to learn, not learn to hack. Information wants to be free. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Sharing is caring. Respect existence or expect resistance.
Some of the links may be old/dead, but everyone can find useful power ups. Good luck and learn to proxy first!
I’d start with Tor ( and then the guide for setting up your computer for anonymous browsing ( to get started with a proxy. From there use bitcoin ( & & to pay for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are free VPNs you can download but if you’re not paying for them, chances are they’re selling you, so it’s best to pay them for their service and do so with bitcoin. It’s best to make your own proxy (, and have a few chained VPNs ( Figure out commands, programming, and Linux. Then pirate/get Backtrack 6 or whichever is the most up to date. Stay save; do what you feel to be right, don’t do what you feel to be wrong. Ditch your LOIC(s) ASAP and *never use LOIC, even with VPNs* (it’s THAT obsolete and insecure)! Yes it was fun while it lasted, but we all know those who don’t keep updated in the information age are fucked in a cyber-war, so adapt to survive and delete your LOIC(s) they are officially wasted space on your computers; HOIC are a great substation, at least for now.

Deep Web Links:

Info links:

good Firefox add-ons:

Tor browser (do not use add-ons on Tor, they will cancel each other out. Do not DOS through a pastehtml on Tor):

Android Tor “Orbot”:

A less popular alternative browser:

IP Check:

Proxy servers:

Guide for setting up your computer for anonymous browsing:

& a similar, but different guide:

PGP encryption:


Data Wiping:


IRC Chat:

Search Engine:

Free VPN:

Alternative DNS System:

Twitter bot:

Torrent stuff :

Profile Information Websites (d0xing): (<USE TOR!)

Reverse image search:

Old webpages:

Toolz for those that Need Them Below - Be Sure to Hide Your IP Address.!! Use VPN, TOR, Anonymous Proxies etc:

Windows Python DL =>
file to download for windows is Named =>"Python 2.7.3 Windows Installer (Windows binary -- does not include source)" .
Very powerful.!! use with Python.

HULK DDoS Tutorial and Download link under it. Uses Python in Win or Linux:

HOIC Tool Download


Tech support:!/exercises/0
http:// www.freebookspot .cc

Anonymous/Disposable emails:

http://www.yopmail. com

Virus Online scanner:

Web Vulnerability Scanner:

Password cracking:

Online MD5 Hash Cracker:
xanadrel.99k. org

General Python:

General C:

General: C++: (It takes 10,000 hours of practice to be ‘good’ at something, but the 21 days is an okay start^)

General Javascript:

General VBScript:

General Assembly:

General Html/CSS:


General Java:

General PHP:

Online Tools/Etc…:

SMS Sender:

Fake Mailer:

Javascript Debugger/Tester:

Online Admin Page Finder:

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