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posted Jul 14, 2013 16:44:15 by RickMatheson
HOW MANY TIMES CAN A MAN TURN HIS HEAD AND PRETEND THAT HE JUST DOES NOT SEE ....Now I have no need to explain or justify myself to any person alive, but here speaks my truth, and my reality, openly and plainly, and it is a complete irrelevance to me exactly other people deal with or adapt themselves to the words of my reality, my truth, or how others receive me. This is not my problem. The problem is solely their own. I do not have and problems in this life. I do not allow such trifles to infiltrate my spiritual individuality. If the choice of others is to think me a therapy candidate, or sounding too extreme, or a moon inhabitant, then soon truth will soon manifest itself in full splendour and abundance, righteousness, and brilliant magnificence.
My reality, ladies and gentlemen, is this, and how you respond to my words will your reality and perogative alone, for I know beyond any doubt whatsoever, that the reptilian bloodlines are an absolute and certain reality, unquestionably, and that these interdimensional beings have ' walked ' amongst mankind all down through the long ages of past history, unquestionably, over many thousands of years, opposing mankind, as though an ever present, belligerent, dark stalking phantom.
Much blessing has been given to my life, insomuch that, for the most part of my life, since a young boy, I have experienced continuous interactive communication with the spirit realms, both with that of the Divine, and I see and hear, what I call, the demonic. This does not mean that I talk to the spirits of the dead, and have no wish to do so, in all circumstances, unless God requires it, for all is not as it seems in the world of the dead, be assured of that one people. Granny and grandfather are NOT visiting you inside the spiritualist church, and that was not Uncle Fred communicating through the Ouija board either, nor was it Alistair Crowley, or Chief Sitting Bull, or Attila the Hun. Talking to the so - called dead, and all such deceptive hocus pocus mind manipulation stuff, I leave for the deeply deceived ‘clairvoyants’ to amuse themselves upon, and all the other so called psychics, and the multitudes of the many deluded charlatans out there. No one can talk to the dead, unless GOD WISHES IT SO ! FACT ! There are true psychic gifts of clairvoyancy and of the Spirit manifested within few individuals, and such persons are as rare and thinly spread as desert orchids in the sunlight, but the ‘self – taught’ psychics, clairvoyants, and ‘ghosthunters,’ all need to get themselves an urgent reality check, as soon as possible. The Internet is diseased with them. The urban habitats are cluttered up with them. The book stores and the Net are filled with ‘spiritual’ nonsense, and truth is there like a whisper, in an ocean of supposition and pure lies. Such people are the harvesters of false hope and broken dreams. They belong to the people of the “ Lie.” God did not send them. Usually it is the case, that the money god did, and also high vanity, deformed spiritual pride, and bloated ego. Such persons are as equally victims of the Matrix, in the same manner as the ones whom they feed the half truths and lies, for a handful of cash. No true messenger of God charges a fee for imparting God’s will. As freely as you are given, so freely should you give.
The gifts which are bestowed upon myself, come from far and way beyond the world of the dead. I have walked with angels, and have walked where angels ‘fear to tread,’ as is said, [incorrectly,]. With my God gifts, I ' see ' spiritual things, and I ' feel ' spiritual things, and ' hear ' spiritual ' things.' I am ‘trained’ and finely tuned in to receive nothing else other than to listen to the voice of God, whom I call always Father, when we are speaking to each other, and at all other times, in conversation with others. These things are not easy to explain. This means that, I am told and I am shown ‘hidden’ spiritual matters. These are Father God’s mysteries, correctly described. Matters are ' revealed ' to me. That’s right, God talks to me, and has done so for donkey’s years, and I talk back. Do I give a hoot if some may call me nuts ? Not at all. They can be my welcomed guests. They simply do not understand that God is talking to individuals, and collective Humanity, more now than any other previous time throughout history.
As a general rule, I usually keep these matters of consideration mostly only to myself, sharing them only with a few of my closest and dearest of those in my closest confidence, who stand in the same spiritual understanding and awareness of their own spiritual reality and surroundings, as my own, which, incidentally, most people are not spiritually open eyed about. Too many ostriches out there. Too much sand. Why should this be ? It is because most people do not, in the slightest bit, understand their own unreality, or manage to fathom out one particle of what is going on in their lives own surrounding circumstances. Simply put, they are spiritually blinded, and have each one been force fed fear and lies hostilities and uncertainty since birth, and it is far easier for these people to sink back into the armchairs of their minds, and curl up and go to sleep, rather than to open up the curtains, and take a look around outside. The mind controlled have believed every untruth which they have ever been told, or indoctrinated with. To step out there and suck in the air, is a thought process filled with demons and nightmare. They fear the unknown, and are acutely tunnel visioned. They detest, and will not have their boats rocked, or their sleeping minds disturbed. They do not realize that most of their heads of government, or the British royalty, and most of their overlords, oppressors, high ranking military, and the others who sit and rule over them with an iron fist, stomping over their lives with an unmerciless dictatorial jackboot, that they have no souls, in actuality. They really believe than Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9/11, without being aware of the facts that long before the day of the Twin Tower horror, George Bush senior and Bin Laden senior, are both co – executive owners of the EXACT SAME banking and oil companies, and that Bush and Bin Laden seniors used to go yachting and partying around the Mediterranean together. The mind boggles ! These same gullible, blind’sheeple’ also got sucked into the fantasy Hollywood documentary film show broadcasted on the TV detailing that the USA had put men on the surface of the moon in 1969. People actually believed that mind suggestion crap. Their eyes beheld the ‘wonder’ of it, on the TV, the brain eating monster, and their minds believed and took it all in, and that being the definition of pure mind control. Now, 44 years on, it has become impossible for the American and the Russians to hide from the eyes of the world that the two nations have had joint space bases on the planet Mars since the early 1950s, so who the hell were the Americans trying to fool, and what was their sinister intent and purpose in vaingloriously proclaiming to the world that they were conquering the moon, years later, in 1969. Who by now has not seen the very laughable film of the ‘fake’ moon landing, produced by [the] Stanley Kubrick ? God help them. Surely, they are the people of the “Lie.”
I find that oftentimes, unintentionally, I tend to confound many people. This is why I usually hold my silence with most other persons, concerning the delicate intricacies of these deeper matters of my own personal spiritual life, whilst speaking too only those when I fully satisfy myself, that my offered words are the timing and the will and the movement of the Spirit, of Father God, and will be received as such, and in doing so, opening up those needy doors of the ears of listening souls. How other souls receive my words is for those individual souls to work out all the details for themselves alone, and this is not my jurisdiction, but theirs individually, and the work of the Spirit. I will have delivered and discharged my obligation and spiritual duty towards that individual soul. This is one of the many reasons why I am here, on planet Earth, in these End of Days.
I have been spiritually guided in this manner for a very long time, since young boyhood, but it was when I became a man it was first revealed to me, by the voice and eyes of the Spirit, my Father, living within me, revealing and showing to me the unseen reality of our hostile reptilian parasitical stalkers, hidden from out of your site, and I have been watching world affairs and events unfolding, from a different view than you, from the spiritual perspective of vision, with my ‘spiritual’ eyes, where you cannot see into, within my God mind, for many long years, and I have watched the unfolding apocalyptic and events and prophetic happenings, which are always forewarned to me before these events ever occur, before they manifest their reality, into actuality, into our space and time and life’s global predicaments. In short, I have been watching the reptilian shapeshifting bloodlines for a very long time now.
The first interdimentional space invader whom Father was revealed to me was the evil Queen Elizabeth Windsor Mountbatten Battenburg, trespassing her reprobate ass, seated upon the throne of England, unarguably, the richest and most powerful, and profoundly evil, meanest, woman world view, without challenge or rival. The next abominates in the standing line were the two butchers of Baghdad, Tony Blair and George Bush junior, and then suddenly, one by one, I saw them all standing before my eyes, the lizard bloodlines, and the roll call of the vile and the corrupt and the abominable, went on and on and on. This was a very intense time between Father and myself. I was shown many terrible and unspeakable things, standing before my eyes, and manifesting their presence within my soul.
The ‘lizards’ need to make their ‘entry’ into our world, through ‘attaching ‘ themselves to 13 human/hybrid bloodlines, which those standing in truthful knowledge refer to as the Illuminati, or the Cabal. There has always been established, as far as the eye can see backwards, throughout the past many thousands of years of Mankind's chaotic and turbulent history of unending wars, the silent unseen invasion of these satanic shapeshifting beings, existing as though comparable to some kind of historic evil sticky superglue, likened to an ancient genetic and spiritual connection, which permeates throughout and within all nations, like a curse, is the best description. Mankind has seemingly always appeared to have held hands with these reptile creatures. They would appear to have always living amongst us, and they were there in the ‘Garden of Eden.’ There is unholy manipulation within the genetics of mankind, which has always served as an ancient spiritual curse, which has manipulated and enslaved Humanity within spiritual bondage, to be precisely correct in terms, and which even to this day, still controls and imprisons mind controlled masses of the nations, and is the historic and generational normality of corrupted human genetics. Whether people refuse to believe the truthful actuality of their situation, does not alter the truthful reality of the individual’s situation, and all the ‘prisoners’ of the ‘lizard’ mind, need to put themselves all through a thorough mind readjusting programme, in full consideration of enormity and serious gravity of the situation. Facts must be fully recognized here, and appropriately understood, as multitudes are now grasping well, that these masquerading hostiles are our governments and royal families and world leaders, and the governors and the administrators, and those high society elitists, whom sit and rule over us all, with their dominant Orwellian tyranny, through war, and by fear, economic slavery and illegal taxation, whom monopolize cleverly the collective blind ignorance and resignation of Humanity. The reptilian shapeshifters have fed upon your fear like ravenous flesh eating zombies. They have controlled your thoughts processes. They control your minds. They control all your lives. They feed you falsehoods and lies and massive disinformation, and then feed themselves upon your negative emotions, your fearful thought processes, which they have instigated and manipulated and generated, across the entire face of the planet They control and suppress your enslaved lives through the controlled media, and through historical religious lies, and through social and financial manipulation. You pay for their war machine. Mankind is their spiritual, mental, and emotional prisoner. They suck out your energies like the bacteriological parasites which they certainly are. They have mind and thought controlled you all. Everyone, is, or has been, mind controlled, so subtly, and so secretly, trapped inside mind prison, in one form or another, throughout the entirety of their lives. So many now are breaking free.
The people's spiritual revolution is already unfolding , and bursting forth into the riotous, angry streets of the world.. An unstoppable force is on the move as an advancing tsnami of determined and angry people whom have had a belly full of enough force fed slavery, and violent oppression, and State government bullshit, as the sleeping nations arise up against their reptilian governments, in justified and righteous fury. The world is about to implode and explode at the exact same time, it would seem, and burst it's face features wide apart. People may chose to turn their backs away and pretend to themselves that none of this is actually happening all around them, but most certainly these things are, and even though the world’s media are still telling all the customary lies and disinformation, there is no one who can escape the rumbling Apocalypse, rolling steadily forward into history's direction, into the unprepared world. This world is about to change and alter beyond all known recognition and appearance, and you all take your own part in the onslaught of prophetic change. You cannot escape any of it. This is your spiritual destiny, and your divine predestination. Suddenly your life is very soon going to take on immediate new perspectives, and the money god is about to take a very hard and well earned crashing fall. Your world is about to be rocked people, and atomize before everybody’s, very startled wide opened eyes, and your vision will NOT fail to see your own preordained, God given destiny.
Welcome it with open arms, when it comes.
They do indeed call themselves the Illuminati, the ' enlightened ones,' [ even though not every one of us is fooled, are we, on that one ? } They have always had a corrupted warlike agenda aimed and directed against Mankind, and their planned intention is for world domination through a one world ruling fascist system of ultimate government dictatorship and iron fisted ruling power, the bestial minority elite, ruling and lording over Humanity, and everything ultimately governed and overseen by the reptilian interdimentional shapeshifters. They have controlled your lives through war, through money, by economic slavery, through abominable religious indoctrination, school education systems, and through imprisoning civilization, everybody’s lives, and entrapped thought processes, and hypnotized minds, and tortured emotions, within the prison walls of mind control.
You have been their experimental lab rats !
They do not think like you and I think, and their emotions, if they have any workable ones which the likes of you and II can relate to, are ruthless and of cold blooded, lizard nature. They exist as sub - spiritual and feelingless reptiles. To them, compassion is a dirty word. For them, to kill is as easy as it is for us to take a shit. The ended life of a child is the mere squashing of an irritable ant. But even they, the reptilians, are controlled by darker forces, existing in other dimensions, beyond their own self control, but that again is another and far deeper topic matter, not for now. Their evil and vile plot is the depopulation of the world through mass extermination programmes, to gain a smaller and more manageable population, being much more simple for them to control and enslave and manipulate the remaining population, through genetically further modifying and zombiefying the people, and imprisoning surviving Humanity in a deeply hypnotic state of mind control, and through their controlling of future birth rates. Classically, Orwell’s 1984. They would not give a damn how they would achieve the planned fulfilments of their evil agenda, even if that would mean bringing the world into the mass destruction consequences of a third global, or even, nuclear world war. After all, the Illuminati has twice already inflicted world war upon Humanity, and all of the countless other manipulated wars of modern history, through the world's banking systems. You would no longer be free independently thinking people living in free society, but then you never were in the first place, and, of course, this is if you managed to survive and live at all, but instead you would be confined inside an insane human zoo, on a far more colossal scale than the mind controlled zoo you all already exist inside.
The Illuminati/reptilian way of conduct is through ancient satanic ritual sacrifice, and their connection with human blood. I will leave that matter alone to disturb your imaginations. Their preference is the innocence essence of the virginal blood of young children. The world is about to enter in a swift transition of spiritual and transcendental transformation, and ascension, of person and situation, and planet, like a blossoming flower unfolding, or a crystal butterfly taking its first newborn flight. and when mankind steps through to the other side of the opening door of the now arrived Apocalypse, then Humanity, and the planet, will never look, nor be the quite the same, ever again. Everything is about to change all existing form. Now has come the time for the end of 3rd dimensional civilization and 3rd dimensional geneology. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the end of the world, as known, and the greeting in of the new, as yet unknown. All things are about to transform and alter themselves before all human comprehendable imagination and recognized, rational thought processes. It is not the end of the world. it is not Doomsday. It is the rebirthing time of Mother Earth. It is the Ascension of the world. Amen ! We are going into 5D ! Yip yip yippee ! The minds of the people are going to be raised into higher consciousness state of Divine being, with a new genetic 5D structure even. People will be able to ’see,’ and understand, as never before, and will be able to work things out for themselves, for the very first time in human history, think correctly, and logicalize, and rationalize as never before. Accompanying the raising of the mind, will also herald in a new flowing balance in human emotions also, which are presently spiritually retarded. WAR WILL END ! This is the inevitable outcome, being attributed to the raising of the Divine mind/emotion functions, and the elevating of the righteous, individual, spiritual Godl being within, and with readjustment and change of reality. There will be new technologies, and a totally new ways of conducting and living life. Mind control will sucked into the Void, along with all the rest of the negative, dark energies..
Be assured,, there ancient spiritual war coming to a radid end, between the Light and the dark, encircling magically around the world, unseen, unknown, and all around us, between the now crumbling forces of wicked darkness, and the stormtrooping advancement of victorious Light. Its spiritual warfare going on out there, only you just can't see it going on, that's all. I can I have been ' watching ' this unfolding invisible war now for a very long time. There is an appointed hour for all things, just as all is said. This is unstoppable Divine law, and in order for mankind to make their advancement and journey along their spiritual path of Divinity, predestinated unto them to travel, then the nations must now be freed and let loose from the yoke of the ' evil ones, ' and of their Illuminati Warlords, in order for people to see clearly the way forward, and move themselves into spiritual soul perfection. This is already being done, as we speak, and Divine intervention has come. The reptilians have already been removed from world affairs, but you did not see this of course. The treat has already gone, and now all which Humanity has to do is ti sweep up and clear away all the inherited mess. For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against dark satanic powers, against the forces of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. The ancient genetic and spiritual curse, which chains and bonds Mankind to the reptilian / Illuminati bloodlines, will be soon broken and cast down, and Mankind can advance and march together forwards into the new unfolding spiritual age of Light, which has now come. This is the Divine will. It is the Divine agenda. The agenda has already long begun.
The old world has already entered the immensely complicated process of Ascension. The Mayans never did speak of mass global destruction and global population mass extinction, did they ? They Mayan prophecies spoke of a new world arising triumphantly from out of the misery and the chaos of the old world. This is the Divine will also. Mankind will be given all the Divine means, and the spiritual weapons of warfare, to enable the nations to do exactly this very thing. War will end. The Mayans always revealed a mystery to the world, and are the exact same things which have always been revealed to me down through the years of my life, by Father, that the peoples of the nations are going to severely tested,, only to achieve for themselves certain and absolute victory, and to serve as Humanity's hard earned reward, then enter into a wonderful new world and a time and age of enlightenment, prosperity, Light, Love, and Truth, unified together, as one world, and one nation, and one family, with one law only written into the hearts of all people, the law of Love, and instituted within the New Temple of the Heart, and standing all together beneath the flag and banner of the Love of God. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE SEEN !!!! I've seen the Golden Age, and the New World. I have had the great privilage to have been shown these unimaginable Glories. I have seen the JOY and the HAPPINESS and LOVE etched into the faces of the people of deliverance, and my experiences just fills me full of spendidness and peace and deeply inspired awe, and deep awakening Love. We enter now imminently into a period and time of deep mystery, and of Divine wonderment and magnificence. Miracle, if you prefer. In preparation, the world now holds its breath, as the nations continue their time of great test. What will unfold will be over very quickly, and very decisively The Divine Will is Love ! God is Love ! But now is the time for the cleansing of the world, and the healing and the deliverance of the peoples of the nations, and the wiping away of the tears of Mother Earth, and her children. Call it the redemption if you like. Call it the time for the restitution of all things, exactly as I do, and exactly as I have been always shown this reality of the way things shall be. War will end. It is time for the world to self-judge. It is time for the self - judgement of each individual human being upon Earth. Now is the time for Mankind to find out and know truly who they are, and just who IS TRULY GOD. The prison gates of mind control and tyranny and about to be burst completely wide open, and the nations set free, and loosed from their ancient chains of self- destruction and miserable unrighteousness, and the death, and all the sorrow. Hope springs eternal. Difficult times may soon lie ahead. Testing times for sure. Uncertain times. Fearful times for some maybe. But hope springs eternal, and your victory is already Divinely always assured.
I could tell you loads of amazing and awesome and mind bending stories about my life.. It is the Spirit. The Spirit is the truth. The Spirit is ALL truth. Spirit is the personification of All llfe. It is our eternal being. It is the blueprint and essence of ALL life, and without the perpetuation of the Spirit, no life could exist in the first place. We each and all have the Spirit. It is the source of our own lives, and without it we could not exist either. Without it no blade of grass could grow. There would be no earth for it to grow in. No cloud could pass through the sky. No bird could fly through it's sunbeams. There would be no sun. There would be no sky which to fly in. No bird. No stars to shine at night. No night. No day. No fish could swim the sea. There would be no sea for the fish to swim in. No fish. No new born babe cry out nor utter and breathe it's first mouthful of earth's breath. There would be nothing to breathe in. No angel visit the world. There would be no world to visit. Spirit is eternal. Spirit is truth. Spirit is God. God is All. God is in all. The Spirit is love. And God is love. Love is in us all. The Spirit is in us all. The Spirit is all. The Spirit holds and binds everything together, like superglue. SUPER SUPERGLUE ! The Spirit of love sews it all together, and people are the finest of the finest of golden thread., and are the gifts upon the Tree of Life. And Mother is the most excellent sewer. She is also the fine and loving and mighty golden needle. We are of the Spirit. We are also a part of the All. We each have been and have been for always joined to the Spirit., and we shall never never ever be seperated or parted from it. Spirit is All. And anyhow, without God, or Spirit, none of us would be here in the first place. We are One.
When higher consciousness soon enters into the combined collective human psyche, which is now already stirring itself around within millions of human souls, and within the nations, whose marching feet now begin to shake the surface of the world. In reality, there is nothing ever to fear, for those of the right hearted. I fear nothing. For that very reason, darkness fears me. Nothing stirs my rest or disturbs my peace of mind, or slumber of my heart. My life has been spent holding hands with the my companions from the realms of Divinity and Truth. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes,and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away. For the Illuminatti, the despots and silent stalking ghosts of man's history, well for them, the sand has now run out of the hourglass, and the time now for God's Truth has now come upon the world, and soon all the nations will stand together, all holding hands, one by one, in the bright morning sunshine of God's Glorious Day of Truth. War ends, as shall be. World starvation and poverty ends. Ungodliness ends. The Illuminati are to be judged. This is the Divine Will. Thus these things shall all be so Divinely done, and magnificently and wonderfully and mysteriously accomplished and achieved.
It is time for me now to close up this long treatise, and for those amongst you who have stuck with me, well thanks sisters and brothers, and then perhaps it is that you were meant to read these many long and truthful words of mine. I am just a voice along the way, and a cry in the wilderness.Truth always springs eternal, and I have performed my spiritual duty towards you all. These words are the words my life. They are my reality. They are my truth and they are my song. They are my heart's cry, for you. And the truth of the matter is that most actually, and truthfully, they are your very own reality too, soon. If any of you out there believe my words, or put some any sort of faith in them, or are moved by any of them, then I thank you for your time and considerations. Covering the surface of this world, so many of the nations kneel in tears of suffering and tearful woe, and they hunger, and thirst, and they die, they know sorrow, and weep out aloud, and all cry out to God, whatever each may conceive their God to be. They cry out to their God for deliverance, and their God listens and hears, and now is about to speak to them, and their God's deliverance comes. And as for the Illuminati, in those famous words of Abraham Lincoln, “ You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” The time of the Illuminati is at an end. Father and Mother God WILL bless and keep you all, and please receive my own sincere love, and take it with you all too, for Love springs eternal always, without end. You are the children of the Earth, be therefore Love, for Love is all you need, and Love will conquer all things. Be strong. Be Love. Be wonderful .....
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