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The Anonymous Revolution

posted Aug 26, 2013 07:11:52 by RickMatheson
The Facts:

The Anonymous organization never, ever promotes violence of any nature, nor verbal, physical, writing or by images.
The Anonymous organization believes there is only one race, the human race.
Although many of our member are atheist, in our organization are people from all religious: Jews, Gentiles, Pagan, Muslim, Buddhist, Christians, etc.
We respect all beliefs as long they respect life and respect the rights of all humans regardless their color, gender, race, religious belief, sexual orientation or disability.
The Anonymous organization is more than hackers, they are people of all ages, all religions or social status, probably there is one right beside you.
We believe in a world with no boundaries.
We believe that our bodies belong to us and not to any government or corporation
We believe that no one has rights to torture or to take the life of any human or animal creatures.
We believe all creatures have the right to live in peace in their natural habitat.
We believe the planet belongs to mankind and all creatures in it.
We believe that the alteration of this symbiosis has completely damaged the ecosystem of this planet and it must be resolved immediately.
We believe we must stop using obsolete technology that is damaging the planet.

We believe that all resources of the planet earth should be free for all mankind as Nikola Tesla thought.
We believe that the earth can provide equal resources for all humanity in order to end hunger and poverty.
We believe that real education should be available for free at all levels for all mankind.
We Support our troops because we know that the majority was brainwashed and sold them a dream that become a nightmare for them, for us and for all our families. (I know this because I was one of them).
We believe we are all equals and there is no leader.
We respect the opinions and ideas of everyone as far it doesn’t affect mankind and the ecosystem.
To uncover any corruption it will be required that all laws are written legible and simple. This will prevent loopholes and hidden agendas that may be cleverly phrased.
We believe the monetary bank system and the Federal Reserve is a lie and this private corporations only benefit and exclusive group of people and should be dismantled.
A new world system should be established in which the people will be the owners and work in a cooperative way so everybody have the opportunity to prosper equally.
We reject all types of greed.
We will not tolerate more meaningless wars.
We, are open minded!
We are the evolution!
We are the Future!
We are Billions of Minds!
We can change the World!!!
We welcome ideas from everybody around the world, the only objective are freedom and equality for all mankind and respect for the ecosystem.

Many of you think that to become part of the anonymous organization you have to be a hacker, that is not truth! If you a want to be part of this, here a couple of things you can start to do:

Grow your own food! You can find all kinds of information about how to grow anything, even in apartments. When you do this you are sending a message to Monsanto and the pharmaceutical corporations also you will be healthier and save a lot of money.
Shop local & boycott corporations.
If you have the resources become self-sustainable, and if you don’t, there are a lot of pages in the net that can teach you how to recycle almost everything! Be independent in food water & energy.
Protect the children don t vaccinate medicate or mutilate your kids.
Go homeopathic- plant and use cannabis & refuse prescription medication.
Self-educate homeschool & always speak the truth.
Make family priority # 1- families that eat together stay together.
Never relinquish your guns!
Is our right to protect ourselves from enemies foreign and domestic.
Turn off the TV- tune out the fear, propaganda & disinformation.
If you have the resources return to nature- abandon the city life.
Stop spending money on hollow artists and spend more time with your kids! In case you didn’t know there’s a lot of real artist and activities in your local area and some of them are free. Open your eyes the world is magical place! There are better places to see than the TV. Or you can teach them how to grow their own food too.
Teach your kids the truth and to respect all kinds of life.

Well that explain almost everything but we are open to new ideas and concepts!

We are Anonymous!

We are Legion!
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