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Question: If biological material was used to create a vaccine...

posted Jan 13, 2014 00:45:07 by Consfearacynewz
Question: If biological material was used to create a vaccine and it caused cancer when injected into hamsters, would you want that vaccine injected into your child?

Vaccines are NOT Tested for Cancer-Causing Capabilities

Parents want peace of mind. They want to know their children are safe, and they want to trust their doctors. But, more parents are doing the opposite. Why?

I suspect that many parents are getting savvy to the potential inherent problems in vaccines. They’re educating themselves more on vaccine adverse reactions. Most parents know a child or have a friend with a child on the autistic spectrum. Here’s a relevant example.

We’ve all gone grocery shopping.

You know if you look at the product label, you get a general idea of what is contained in the product. That is how you find most of the nasty ingredients in processed foods. Vaccines are not quite the same, plus there’s a deceptive catch.

By law, doctors only have to give parents the vaccine information sheets. Parents, you want to request, read, and keep the vaccine product inserts! You can find them located here:

Do a search for the term “carcinogenesis,” literally ‘cancer creation’, on the product insert for any vaccine. You’ll see the following common phrase regarding most vaccines, “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility.” (Emphasis mine)

Personally, this should be the legal loophole at law for parents exempting their children from vaccinations. If a product manufacturer cannot guarantee that a product won’t make a person infertile, cause cancer or malformations, then parents have every right to protect themselves and their children from such life-long risks.

Can you imagine the horrified look on parents’ faces when they discover vaccines haven’t been tested for cancer causing capabilities? Maybe parents would ask more demanding questions and require better explanations from their pediatricians.


Contamination is Hidden from Parents

Rather than admitting to the problem and taking measures to correct it, those in high places of science and trust allowed contaminated vaccines to be injected into millions of unwitting and helpless women and children.
Government officials knew parents definitely would reconsider injecting biological agents, especially vaccines, into their children so they perpetrated a BIG lie that became buried in the annals of vaccine history, which they probably thought they could hide forever. Unfortunately, the SV40 cover-up may not be the only ‘sleeping dog’ story in vaccinology. There just may be some interesting factual stories regarding how some influenza strains either came into being or became so potent.
I think parents want one thing: Assurance of scientific information to have peace of mind. They want to know their children are safe—and they want to trust their doctors, especially pediatricians. But, more parents are doing the opposite. Why? I suspect many parents not only are getting savvy to the potential problems with vaccines, but also know of serious health problems from children of neighbors and friends who suffer adverse vaccine reactions, which scares them.

Parents definitely ought to look at vaccines with a skeptical eye. They must read and keep the vaccine product inserts. If you’re not comfortable getting your child vaccinated, exempt your child. You have every legal right to do that.

Given the unethical happenings surrounding some of the above information, I suspect that it just may be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all vaccines and carcinogenicity.

*Note: The information in this article is posted as a Public Service by and taken from U.S. Printing Office Washington, DC 20402–0001


Executive Reorganization and Government Research of the Committee on Government Operations United States Senate, Ninety-Second Congress, Second Session. Page 499-505. April 20,21; and May 3,4, 1972.
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