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Urgent: Video of Pentagon Lecture on .Gov "Vaccine" for Religion.

posted Jan 13, 2014 00:43:04 by Consfearacynewz
FunVax is a Department of Defense project started in 2004. It’s purpose was to eliminate terrorism in the Middle East. The method – genetically manipulating religious fanatics causing them to give up their fundamentalist beliefs.

How It Works -

At the turn of the century, a gene called VMAT2 was discovered. This gene eventually became known as the God Gene. The God Gene predisposes people to have spiritual experiences. People that are fundamentalists supposedly have an over-expression of VMAT2. DoD scientists used this information to create a vaccine against religious fundamentalism. It was a viral vaccine that spreads via air and is designed to inhibit the expression of the VMAT2 gene causing people to become less religious. It took government scientists 5 years to perfect the vaccine but in 2009 they field tested it in Iraq. Then Iran. President Obama has authorizes the release of FunVax throughout every Muslim country. But what’s going to stop him from releasing it in America? The government is replacing freewill with programmed thoughts. Please help by sharing this blog with Friends and Family, because the more people that know about FunVax, the better off we all are.

What is Funvax:

Vmat2, or the God Gene: Reading Spirituality in the Human Genome:

Joey Lambardi To Release Funvax Evidence June 1st, 2011

Posted on April 7, 2011 by funvax

The FunVax Whistle blower, Joey Lambardi, has been on the run for the last three months so our interview with him has been delayed. But through email he let us know that he plans on to releases two pieces of evidence that he has against the government.
Joey Lambardi was in a special unit of the military called Combat Camera. As part of the unit, Joey’s job demanded that he record sensitive information. Like us, he thought that the FunVax project was government gone out of control. And like a real American he stood up for what he believed in. He went AWOL from his assignment and his now a hunted like an animal.

Because of our relationship with Joey, he agreed to release everything he has on this web site as well as other major news sources like CNN, Fox and MSNBC. But there is a catch. He doesn’t want to be risking his neck for an audience of 10 or 20 people…We promised him we can get 200,000 people to visit this site on June 1st. This information can change the world but we need your help. As of today, April 7th, 2011 we have a little over a thousand people visiting this site. Please, spread the word and help us end government mind control.

Pentagon Eugenics Alter DNA breed out Religious impulses via FunVax Vaccinations & Aerosol Spraying!--Video

This is from the Department of Defense back in 2005!! Here are the notes taken from the original publisher of this video:

Pentagon Department of Defense briefing from 2005. They want to alter populations DNA to breed out religious impulses via vaccinations and aerosol spraying from above. They purport to have isolated a problematic gene causing religious impulsive behavior, of which the presence supposedly can be identified with brain scans. So again for OUR "SAFETY"...another vaccine.

Hmmmm....I wonder if this the latest additive to our chem-trails and flouridated water supplies. Yes they love the people so much that they want us all to have great teeth & cloudy skies so we won’t get sunburnt!

FunVax is a Government made viral vaccine that "cures" religious fundamentalism. The government is claiming FunVax has brought stability to several countries in the Middle East and is currently responsible for the pro-democracy rallies through out the Middle East.Joey Lambardi originally leaked this information and is planning on making all his evidence available at

This is a lecture by an unidentified scientist given to DoD officials inside the Pentagon. It is dated 4-13-05 -- about a year after the "God Gene" was first discovered. The scientist describes a plan to alter the "God Gene" in the Middle Easter Population in order to end the turmoil in that region. This video was acquired through an unknown source and from my knowledge, connections and experience as part of a unit called combat camera, I have verified it to be authentic.

God is not compatible with the authoritarian political system that progressives desire to establish. Those with religious tendencies tend to be, in the opinion of the statists, too independent in their thought, and place God at a higher level of importance in their lives than government. Therefore, as Karl Marx pointed out, as Saul Alinsky pointed out, and as every progressive authoritarian system has attempted, God must be eliminated.

Authoritarian political systems tend to be anti-religious, or a theocracy as in the case of Islam. The secular authoritarian systems all attempted to stamp out religion every chance they could muster. From the French Revolution, to the Russian Revolution, to the current secular nature of the American liberal, Christianity is the enemy. But persecution of Christianity, for example, has not destroyed the faith, but has actually strengthened it. Physically removing Christianity from our culture is not possible. The Romans tried it, the French tried it, the Russians tried it, etc. - and each time the attempt not only failed, but made the Christianity stronger.

But the anti-religious progressive liberals in the United States Government believe they have found what will work. If God cannot be removed from the physical world, then he must be removed from the minds of the worshippers.

Scientists, and now also American Government scientists, have concluded that a gene causes people to be “religious fanatics”, and that it is possible to stamp out God by manipulating the brain with a virus to eliminate religious tendencies - and they have been discussing how to accomplish this in meetings at the Pentagon.

To these people it is just a matter of behavior control, so as to eliminate yet another obstacle standing in the way of their plan for utopianism. Remember, secular progressives believe that humanity is evolving towards a singularity in which society will be fully neutral and just - and the only thing standing in the way is religion.

According to some figures in the Pentagon, religious behavior is fanatical behavior, therefore it must be quelled. They treat it as if it is a disease, or a mental handicap. The cause of this undesirable behavior is the God Gene, or VMAT2. These officials believe that an individual's ability to believe in God is a consequence of genes, and that it is something the individual has no control over and therefore the tendency to be religious, if it is indeed caused by a gene that is directly responsible for an inherited predisposition for spirituality, must be suppressed.

For some reason movies like "Equilibrium" and George Lucas' THX-1138 - in the sense of mind control by the government - comes to mind.

According to some Pentagon officials, persons who do not show fundamental religious tendencies are "safe" citizens and therefore the more desired type of people in society. The goal, rather than remove the people that are undesirable, is to reprogram the undesirables so that they will function in society in an acceptable manner.

Is the concept of Eugenics coming to mind at all?

The means to accomplish the elimination of an undesired behavior like religious fundamentalism, which these people believe to be the sole source of violence and strife in the world, is to deliver a virus into the bodily systems of these religious people. The virus, the theory goes, would neutralize VMAT2, and enable a secular society of peace loving, daisy dancing, unicorn riding individuals to arise instead. In other words, a vaccination would resolve the over-expression of the VMAT2 gene, making those religious folk just like everyone else. . . calm and compliant.
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