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On The Way To Church

posted Feb 09, 2014 15:46:43 by RickMatheson
Was talking to my daughters this morning on the way to taking them to church and I don't remember how the conversation started but we ended up talking about the economy, the federal reserve and jobs.

I told them that there were too many people on the planet because machines and robots have taken over our jobs and that society will not be able to sustain itself at the rate it is going. One asked me if "we needed to reduce the population."

I said NO!! She then asked "so what do we do?"

I told them that I did not know. With the technology advancing we will never have the jobs we once had and as the population grows it will become more of a strain on everyone. I told them that we needed a reset but that no mater what happens the landing will NOT be a soft one. The welfare state will get worse because there are either no jobs or the jobs that are there are being outsourced to cheaper labor in other countries or cheaper workers here. People are being forced to buy health insurance as to not have to pay fines and yet it seems that the fines would be cheaper.

I also said that people are at a breaking point. They are being forced to chose between rent, mortgage, food, medicine, heat, gas to drive to work, etc.. The only thing that is keeping the system from failing right now is mass distraction and the welfare state. I explained to them that that will only work for a little bit.

"It's like plugging holes in a dam with your fingers. Eventually you will have more holes that fingers and the damn will break and a giant flood will kill many and destroy much" I said.

My youngest said "what do we do then?" I said "Pray for our nation, Pray for the world, Love who you can while you can and prepare like we are doing at home."

With smiles on their faces and a beaming energy of youth and innocence I got kisses and they went in to church. I teared up and prayed on the way home thanking God for my little babies. their smarts, their open eyes to the real world, and their intuitiveness. I thanked God that he has given me the ability and knowledge to educate and prepare them and their understanding of what I say. I then asked for his hand of protection on them as they are yet but children and it is such a shame that as young teens they have to be thrown head first into the world that us adults have to deal with.

I weep for the future. Children unable to be children. I fear for the future they will have to endure. Something has to give, but what?

How do we fix this? I fear that we are too far over the precipice now, that the scales WILL tip. I know this and I feel this in my heart. Where do we go from here. So hard to take our own advice sometimes. hard to pray for a nation and a world that is so far gone from the sight and hand of God.

Many will not survive what is coming. Many of us that are prepared won't even survive. What we do while we live and not what we have is what defines us as a person/people.

I feel myself slipping more and more day by day into the abyss of evil that has taken over our world. Countless killings, wars, famines, injustices around.

I feel as though my life has been consumed in the darkness that eats away at the world. A darkness that rips apart the soul and the very fabric of my being. Any little bit of goodness, innocence or happiness I find is quickly stolen with the next tragedy, atrocity or disaster in the world.

People have asked me have you ever found God and I tell them NO, I cannot find God anywhere in this world.

Why is it that we only have compassion in times of atrocity and not the rest of the time? How is it that we go on about our mundane lives until tragedy befalls us our someone we know or affects us and only then do we come together in compassion?

The tribal mentality overcomes the peaceful co-existence as a human species. Are we not better than the animals? And yet we act so much worse. The soul of humanity has died I fear and all that is left will rot into a monster far uglier than anything we have ever seen or want to.

People have asked "are you a christian" and I think of what I see around me in the churches and other places. the amount of hate and finger pointing, did not Christ teach tolerance? To hate the sin and not the person? If this is what a Christian is then I want no part of it.

What has become of us? How have we fallen so far and Have we fallen so far that we can't find our way back? I think yes. I think the world that we once knew and the hopes and dreams that all wished for are all gone never to be realized.

What kind of world are we creating for our future generation the senseless spilling of blood, the raping of natural resources just to feed our greed of "He who dies with the most toys wins"?

I long to see a light, to find a peace in this constant turmoil. Day by day I see stories of killings, slaughters and brutality, maimed bodies lying in the streets, pictures of aborted babies lying on cold slabs of steel or piled into buckets like a bloody meat pile. I see the police out of control the people at odds and fighting with one another the poor and hungry struggling, the children growing up in a world without hope.

We have the technology to energize the world, to create amazing and monolithic structures and things, yet we destroy everything around us.
Waging war after war for money and greed. HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? How much money do you need?

We have the knowledge and capabilities to heal, to preserve live to conserve health yet we maim and kill and cause suffering. We treat the symptoms rather than the problem.

We have all within us the ability to love, to care, to nurture and yet it seems as if it easier to hurt and hate.

Have we ever really lived? How do you know. You can only truely apreciate life when you are about to die.
Only then does Life seem important, Only then do the little things matter.
Because after all, you never remember the little things until just before or at that final breath, that final heartbeat.
The moment your souls leaves you and continues on it's journey through time and space.
Then, and only then do we understand that we have spent our entire moment in this life fighting to live only to lose.

Corporations making money off of your inferiority, Governments controlling you through fear.
Do you really think that either care about you?! You are but a piece of the machine.
Working your whole lives and for what? To make more money for the wealthy? To carry all of it with you upon your death.

You Have to have the best, the latest, the greatest. You have to look the best, smell the best.
you feel the need to go out and buy what is popular at that time, and for what?
Take this drug, take that pill it will make you feel better about who you are, to escape your emotions.
To make you feel good about yourself?! To make you look more important to others around you.
To Make you feel like you are looked at as more important. To be accepted into what ever it is you are trying to be accepted into.
To spend your entire life trying to be better than the other person.
You allow the corporate media to control you, you allow the govt. to control you.

You allow others to dictate how you should feel about yourself with out ever looking deeper than the surface of your outter apperance.
And for what?
You question what, who, how, why. Give me a book to read, tell me, show me. Have you forgotten to look for it yourself?

Why have someone else or another entity show you your reality, your meaning of life.
That is for you and you alone to figure out, not for someone else to figure out for you.

Will it save your life in the end. because you have more money, because you have nicer things, because you are
better looking, will it keep you from death. Will it guarantee your immortality.

Have our whole lives been spent being programed to live and see the reality that is show to us by the man behind the curtain.

WE are here today and gone tomorrow. WE are nothing but a puff of smoke that will eventually be carried away.
This world is just a temporary stop on a long journey into infinity.

It is what we leave behind that defines us not only as individuals but as a species.

Yes, I long for hope, I long for peace, I long for a flicker of light in these dark times and yet the light seems so far away. A delicate thing is this light. I fear it is in danger of being extinguished for ever at the next blowing of troubling winds.

Even the breath of a whisper of hope I fear could blow it out forever.

It is with tears swelling in my eyes that I write this.
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