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posted Feb 02, 2015 18:52:33 by RickMatheson
The word mayhem by nature infers violence. It can be misconstrued to cover a range of activities which are savage but fall short of an outcome of the worst kind. Some people might apply the term to the boxing ring or a football field. Yet, a sporting contest is voluntary and does not apply to a willful and lethal act. Using this simple standard, we can restrict the term to those gross cases which draw much blood and yield results with a high body count. This narrows the circumstance to the occasions that bring forth killing fields. Seen are numerous casualties and martyrs. Though men may distort it, history has to its credit a perfect memory. The worst distortion is seen today but ignored as critical and lacks a response that would bring relief. In short order, this is what is occurring within Syria and Iraq. The geographic area is large--not as many square miles as the United States--but if the conflict was here, the reaction and response would be swift and sure--if leaders understood the danger. However, the problem is here. We just do not see ongoing, full-blown mayhem with major fatalities on our soil. The culprit, of course, is Islam. Never to be ignored, too, is the Islamic attack on September 11, 2001--or the thousands murdered in Nigeria, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Islam has done this. No one else bears the guilt.

In the spiritual world with nomenclature that covers almost every facet of human need is found the religion of Islam. It is classed with others as predominant in its teaching, its global reach, and its history. Since the seventh century, it has affected the lives of millions--and not all of it is for the good. Some people refer to it as a “cult,” because it aligns itself with Mohammed, its charismatic founder. Some note Islam to be the centerpiece of a political system, keeping a nation in order. Yet they ignore the brutality brought on by Sharia law. Other people see Islam as the cultural bedrock of people, ignoring the blood spilled to obtain complete control. Some have analyzed the teachings of Islam and likened its ideology and dogma to that founded upon Satanic barbarism. None of this exudes tolerance or peaceful co-existence with those who disagree. In the past, some caliphs and leaders made attempts to leave others alone, but their successors followed another course which led to victims on a large scale. In the Middle East, wars between neighboring tribes and nations took their toll and martyrs were common. What is seen in the long haul is weaponized religion. It demands complete submission to Sharia law. Any means to the end is justified by the Quran and Hadith. For the west to ignore this is suicide. Every Muslim is a jihadist, though only a minority will strap on a belt with explosives.

To this day, the reaction from western leaders has been a combination of blunders. It appears presidents and prime ministers are afraid to stir the pot. There is Merkel in Germany in complete denial, calling for her citizens to embrace Islam. In the UK, Cameron openly issues statements which sidestep the threat of Islam’s goal to consume Britain. Hollande in France appears like a waif who is confounded by militant hostility from Islamists. Pope Francis is blind to the facts and the threat of another religion committed to remove him and his Catholicism from the face of the earth. Then, there is Obama, a president who is as educated as any leader about Islam. After all, he was raised in it, embraced it, knows it, and follows it. Yet, his response is much like the other leaders--little to quell the danger. This obviously reflects a man who is not deceived about the intent of Islam. Other western leaders may plead ignorance, but not the president of the United States. While the EU and others respond with a humanist approach, America cannot. Its leader must take up the challenge with a Godly sense of the reality of a deadly religion that has as its goal world domination. Mayhem is the mild side of Islam. Ask yourself why leaders in the west have no strategy to defeat it. They are treating cancer with lollipops.

Many Christians today lack knowledge that much of modern-day Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Arabia was overwhelmingly Christian. From the first century, Christianity advanced and was dominant. There were thousands of churches with believers. It was the primary spiritual bond guiding millions from the Mediterranean to India and China. It’s faith stood against invaders of every kind including the khans and Islamic warriors. Mass graves were common. Entire villages were slaughtered, some buried alive. We see this evil in our news today. At that time, the church in the west said little and did nothing. After all, the church in Rome wanted supremacy. The loss of those poor souls in the eastern portion of the former Roman empire was not on their agenda. Abraham Yohannan notes in his account of all this, The Death of a Nation, published in 1916, that: “The object of all these massacres was to strike a blow that would never need repetition.” In other words: eliminate all non-Muslims. He also brought to light eyewitness testimony of missionaries on the ground who faced the Turks during the Armenian genocide--the murder of hundreds of thousands. The rape, murder, desecration, and destruction seen then mirrors what has begun today. Yes, this is history. You might think that in the past 100 years world leaders would be on guard for a repetition. But, no. They seem to be on a willful mission to welcome another round of mayhem, murder, and this time, global catastrophe.

Yohannan accurately described what he saw as a result of “the cry of Jihad, holy war, against the non-combatants and unarmed people.” Do you see any difference today? He said this was “absolutely unjustified.” What do you say--and do?
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