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We will turn off your utilities if your child misbehaves.

posted Apr 13, 2015 23:06:22 by RickMatheson
This is My town. I live here. This is WRONG!
I called into the Alex Jones Show yesterday and broke this to Alex on air.

I am also raising legal funds to fight the city on this.
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Cutting off a paid utility is wrong. People die from the cold and heat yearly. It is private property and the city should have no say in it. What is next...people who choose not to vaccinate can't get utilities...if you do not pay a ticket in a speedy manner, you do not get utilities. This is ridiculous.

This is called Collective punishment

It takes a village... I wonder after hearing this story: There's blame on the system, there's blame on the kids, there's blame on the families of the kids, but who's thinking about changing how these kids are supported so they can move on from these actions? What are the larger issues at play here? How can those issues be addressed by the community?

What next? Don't pay a ticket, we turn off you water? Don't vote for who we want you to vote for and we turn off your phone? Talk bad about the president or the Govt. and we will suspend your lic.? Own a gun and we cancel your credit cards. on't vaccinate and we take your bank acct?


Really. turn OFF some ones utilities because one of their children vandalizes something.

I want everyone to call City Hall here in my town and tell them how you feel about this.
105 S. Main,
Farmer City, IL 61842

Michael Jenkins
Vandalism in Farmer City
At the last council meeting our city manager asked to pursue a policy that would allow us to deny power to households of juveniles that had been caught vandalizing city property. The council did grant approval to begin this legal conversation with our lawyers.

This of course started a city wide debate. Some are livid that we would turn the power off to a whole family because of the actions of one. Others are tired of their property, their tires, and their parks being damaged or destroyed by a very small group.

Good. I’m glad we’re talking about this. Though our current issue is minuscule in comparisons to our surrounding cities, we do have a very real issue to discuss. And, I might add, we are in a much better position to respond.

Let me point out that we are currently exploring options. No policy has been offered to the council to even be voted on. Some have jumped to a conclusion on what this policy might look like and are arguing against nothing more than pure speculation. That is a fallacy of logic; a straw man, indeed.

Let me go on the record here: I do not support turning off someone’s power the moment someone in the house is caught vandalizing private or public property.

However, I am operating on a very strong fundamental philosophy. It is this: Any person who willfully destroys another’s property should be liable. If they destroy city property, the vandal should pay, not the tax payer. I’ll go further. If said vandal is an adolescent, and cannot (or will not) make restitution for the property they willfully destroyed (be it with community service hours or monetary compensation, or both) than those legally responsible for that adolescent should foot the bill—not their fellow citizens.

And, with that, if there are additional “motivators” to make sure the cost of the damaged property is covered by the perpetrator or those legally responsible for that perpetrator, than I’d love to hear about it. Then I will vote.

We as a city need to have a wide range of tools at our disposal to ensure that our citizens, their families, and their property are protected. Fact is, though we are currently focusing on vandalism, that’s only a portion of the inappropriate behavior being committed. We are too great of a community to let this continue.

Michael Jenkins

The city/state should not have that kind of authority. It would be a very dangerous precedent for tyranny. The city manager should be strung up by his neck in the town square just for proposing this, to both serve as a deterrent to future political servants that this type of nonsense will not be tolerated, and as punishment for his idiocy. Tyranny will NOT be tolerated.

This type of nonsense will continue to agitate us as a society until we, as a society, make an example of these tyrants and their unrestrained political ambitions. A public hanging would send a very clear message that we mean business. The Constitution is THE RULEBOOK that the government MUST abide by. If you don't like it, then stay out of political office. Once you swear to uphold it and break your promise, I have no problem seeing to it that you tried and convicted of TREASON and then HUNG.

FARMER CITY -- City leaders are trying to stop vandalism, but the way they want to do it might be considered a little radical. They're considering cutting off power to people's homes.

Officials say one group causing problems doesn't have an incentive to stop and nothing is getting through to them. Now, they're working on a new idea which could leave vandals in the dark. In what's usually a quiet town, one idea is making noise.

"I'll have to take the blame for it if it goes south."

City manager Larry Woliung came up with a new approach to fighting vandalism. It's something Farmer City has seen plenty of.

"Over 40 residents last year had their tires slashed."

Tires repaired, graffiti painted over and broken windows fixed. Mayor Mike Jenkins is tired of paying for repairs. And, he says he knows who is to blame.

"It's a very small group of adolescents. What we are seeing is a lack of respect for authority."

City officials say the problem is alive and well, but making arrests and pressing charges isn't doing the trick.

"The juvenile laws are very friendly to juveniles. And a lot of the time, we do not have the teeth to make anything stick."

"With a juvenile court system, it's awfully hard to get stuff done."

That's where Larry comes in.

"After we've tried everything else, we cut your power."

If you live in Farmer City and your son or daughter is guilty of vandalism, you'll be asked to pay restitution. If you don't, the city wants to add it to your power bill. And, if you can't pay that, it's lights out.

"The million dollar question is, 'Can we do it?'"

The answer is "maybe," because the city owns its own power plant, which puts it in charge of the bill.

"Farmer City's unique. It's one of the smallest communities in Illinois that has its own electrical generating station."

The city attorney is looking into whether it's legal or not. If it is, the city council will make a decision. Woliung says someone has to pay and claims this option is better than passing the cost onto taxpayers.

"The entire population shouldn't have to pay for just that small group."

Woliung says having offenders do community service isn't working either. Police say the best way to fight vandalism is to keep them informed, but they all agree, something has to change.

"Nothing is happening and the problem keeps continuing. The city needs something to put a little teeth behind their bad actions and our ability to protect and preserve our community."

City officials are exploring other options as well. Mayor Jenkins says there isn't a curfew on the books and, regardless of the power decision, he'd like to see one in place.

Other towns in the area have also dealt with vandalism. Gibson City says it's had problems in its parks. Leaders are considering putting up security cameras. Mahomet Police say their strategy is to make sure the village stays informed by using social media to tell everyone what to be on the lookout for.

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509 S. Neil St.
Champaign, IL 61820
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