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Short & Simple Ebola Preparedness Guide

posted May 26, 2015 21:34:45 by RickMatheson
With health organizations around the world performing Ebola pandemic drills, many households throughout the country are following suit. Although Ebola is far from being a worldwide pandemic, when it comes to infectious disease it’s better safe than sorry. There are many steps you and your family can take to eliminate the likelihood of experiencing this devastating illness, with the most effective steps involve prepping your household for a pandemic. While many feel prepping for an Ebola pandemic is only feeding unnecessary concern, in the realm of infectious diseases and the safety of your family, you can never be too safe or too prepared. Additionally all of these precautions would also be of benefit for a different future pandemic, such as a flu pandemic.
How Do You Get Infected?

The ebola virus is not airbourne, people only get infected with the virus if they come into direct contact with blood or other bodily fluid (nasal mucus, vomit, feces, urine etc) from an infected person. This can happen via direct contact with an infected person, or indirectly, by touching something contaminated with infected bodily fluid (door handles, faucets, supermarket trolleys and baskets etc).
Protective Gear

In the unlikely event your city or township is locked down due to a rise in Ebola infections, leaving the safety and sanitation of your home may be necessary. Protect yourself from infection by gathering the following protective gear items. NOTE: If the ebola virus spreads to your country or location, the items below will quickly disappear as panic spreads. If you want to be prepared, I recommend you stock up now. Most of the items are in fact relatively low cost (at the moment!)

N95 Masks
Nitrile Gloves
Tyvex Suits
Safety Goggles
Face Shield
Duct Tape
Plastic Sheeting (to seal off the ventilation of your home or for quarantine use)

Home Supplies

Should the Ebola pandemic reach such extents where leaving your home is too dangerous, the following items ensure you and your family are fed, hydrated and entertained. While there are many variations to acceptable gear, these items are classified as essential survivalist gear:

Drinking Water ­ 1 Gallon Per Person, Per Day (if there is concern that your water source has been contaminated with the ebola virus, boil the water for 5 minute before using)
Non­Perishable Food Supplies for Each Member of Your Household
Sanitation Supplies ­ bleach, 2 weeks of toilet paper, women sanitary items, hand sanitizer (waterless alcohol-based hand rub kill the virus, although if hands are visibly dirty, they need to be cleaned first), cat litter and several 5 gallon buckets
First aid supplies and medicines
Crank or solar powered radio
Home defense supplies
Power outage equipment ­ candles, flashlights, gas generators, solar panels
Entertainment options ­ board games, books, etc.

Simple Disinfection With Bleach

A 5:1 bleach solution kills ebola and can be used for disinfection and washing hands. To prepare the bleach solution, mix 1 part concentrated bleach with 5 parts water (1 cup of bleach, 5 cups of water). It is important to note that this bleach solution loses its effectiveness after 24 hours, so you should discard and make it fresh every day.
Expand Your Knowledge

Fear, anxiety and uneducated decisions are the fuel that feeds pandemic dangers. The most important way to prepare for an Ebola pandemic is to become as educated as possible in terms of emergency preparedness techniques and precautions when dealing with infectious disease. The saying, “Knowledge is Power” is truthful in this scenario. Protect yourself and your family through education and action.
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