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How To Make A Swedish Torch

posted Jun 11, 2015 21:31:21 by RickMatheson
Who knows what a Swedish Fire Torch is?

If you don’t know, it’s basically a fire set in a large log cut in a specific way (see photos below), which lasts for hours, in fact it can be used and put out several times. You can also place pans/kettles directly on it to cook. Do you know what, rather than me explaining, it’s easier if you just check out the video and images below. If you make one, send me a photo and I’ll put it on the Facebook page.

When the nights are getting cooler, or it’s summer and you are staying outdoors later, it’s the perfect time to make a Swedish torch, to warm you up when sitting outdoors in the evening.

Although the video is not me I would add that you can do this in a survival situation with an axe when a chainsaw is not available.

Video at link:

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