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Thought Of The Day July 14 2015

posted Jul 14, 2015 16:46:22 by Consfearacynewz
Obama gets his deal with the DEVIL - already saying he will veto if Congress doesn't approve it. Showing that it is all about what he wants NOT what the people want. AND they still have 4 Americans...he can't even get our AMERICANS back. WHILE on the streets of Iran they are once again burning US flags & Israel flags & chanting DEATH TO AMERICA - DEATH TO ISRAEL. But Valerie Jarrett got what she wanted-that's all that matters to Obama.

Clinton comes out & supports the deal. Well that should tell us all we need to know about how she would be if POTUS. We should all remember Bill Clinton's deal with N. Korea - we all see how that worked out. They have nukes & same dictatorship still in power.

FBI now say a mistake by them allowed Roof (killer in SC) - HOW many times are we going to hear that another government agency fail?

As we see more danger daily around the world - 2010-2015 (so far) military has cut 13.5% of our military. As the threats to our country are increasing - Obama continues to cut our defense. Now how stupid is that or is that his plan - to leave us to weak to even defend our homeland.

Did you hear Al-Qaeda has issued calls to kill Americans. HOW can this be - Obama has told us Al-Qaeda is on the run. Once again LIED to get re-elected.

OPM just 4 months ago told us that 4 mil people's info had been hacked - now we hear it was 21 mil. How many has Obama put in charge that have turned out to be lacking? I would say ALL.

WHY did Obama promise to fix immigration & he did nothing in the 1st 2 years when he had total control of Congress? But with a straight face Democrats blame GOP for what happened in San Francisco. There is a law on the books right now that there will be no sanctuary cities. HOW MANY TIMES will we have to see Obama's admin not uphold the laws of this country. And remember they told Arizona that Fed laws were in effect so they could not come up with their own immigration laws.

WHY is everyone so offended by the Confederate flag. No one was saying a word until told were told to be offended by Democrats & Obama....who in last elections were using this flag. When someone on the right is offended - they tell us "So what" "Shut up"

Remember when Obama said he would get to the bottom of what happened at the IRS - WELL NOW we know why he did nothing but stand in the way. Judicial Watch has released documents obtained from the DOJ & IRS that confirm a strategy to prosecute conservatives who publicly oppose President Obama’s policies. “These new documents show that the Obama IRS scandal is also an Obama DOJ and FBI scandal,” said Judicial Watch Fitton. “The FBI & DOJ worked with Lerner & IRS to concoct some reason to put President Obama’s opponents in jail before his re-election & abuse resulted in the FBI’s illegally obtaining confidential taxpayer information.”

Anyone surprised that
Obama & all the race hustlers are silent when we see in Chicago once again - 9 killed (including 7 yr old) & 50 injured. So guess not all black lives matter
Obama is silent on death by illegal in San Francisco? NO he will not speak because his own DOJ has refused to make these sanctuary cities uphold the laws of this country. All Democratic candidates - yes Clinton support these cities. This as another America killed by an illegal - as San Francisco gives sanctuary to illegals - even when they have already been deported 5 times & has 7 felonies. I would ask WHY with 7 felonies is he not in jail?

State Dept hold some of the e-mail from Clinton because they said that details from 25 emails were deemed classified & withheld. - despite the Clinton saying she never sent classified material on her personal email.

*VA wait times are 50% higher than a year ago but they tell us it's getting better
*E-mails show that Gruber did in fact work closely with Obamacare in this administration-remember when Obama said that he didn't....Another LIE we find out. Gruber is the 1 that said American people are too stupid to see the truth of this.
*Obama says he never said that he could fix everything. This as he still refuses to work with GOP on anything. This as he now backs away from Hope & Change. Maybe if he had worked with all of Congress things could actually be better.

How can we continue to hear the LIES
**Remember Obama said that Iran Nuke program was frozen. Just another LIE. We hear that Iran's nuclear fuel stockpile has INCREASED by 20% over past 18 months. In Obama's deal it should be reduce by 97%. So Iran continues to do what they want-WHO would ever make a deal with Iran-NO ONE but Obama.
*Now we hear that FBI is using plans to gather info in US. They say this is no secret-then WHY are they registered under fake company names?

When Obama came to office he went all over the middle-east telling them how great they are & how horrible the US is. Just LOOK AT THE MIDDLE-EAST NOW-totally fallen apart & most terrorists backed by Iran.

Clinton takes questions from media with a LIE as the answer.....says wants her e-mails released ASAP....must ask then WHY did she destroy the server? Just 1 word on scandals surrounding Clinton on pay to play. All they have to say is - "There is no smoking gun" well that because we have s smoking server. When are people going to wake up & say ENOUGH OF THE LIES

Obama promised to pass immigration-what did you get-NOTHING
Obama promised to improve things for Middle-class & poor-what did you get-NOTHING-they are far worse off now
Clinton now making the same promises......when will they wake up and see that they are just pandering for votes.

We have fought everything from gun-grabbing to illegals to Obamacare, NSA, spying, the Benghazi murders, funding of terrorists, illegal executive actions & so much more. How many scandals have we seen & how many more will we find before we get our country back?

Think about this:ISIS kills Egyptian Christians in Libya - Egypt attacks within a day ISIS beheads Jordanian pilot - Jordan launches attacks in Syria & Iraq within days ISIS beheads American - Obama says horrible & within 15 minutes laughing it up on golf course ISIS beheads American - Obama says horrible & off to fund raise ISIS kills American - Obama says horrible - makes stupid video then off to Calif to fund raise & golf4 Americans killed in Benghazi - Obama says horrible then takes off to campaign Obama thinks about arms for Ukraine - Putin needed for deal with Iran Obama thinks about arms for Kurds - new Iraq gov't backed by Iran Obama attacks ISIS hard in Syria - Assad backed by Putin & Iran Could this be why Obama slow at doing anything: note IRAN involved Syria falls apart - Assad is backed by Iran Iraq falls apart - new gov't backed by Iran Yemen falls apart - militants backed by Iran Ukraine asking for weapons - Obama thinking about it - Obama needs Russia for deal with Iran And all of these places say "Death to Israel & Death to America"I will not listen to any more LIES from Obama - really how many times has he LIED & thinks we can't see the truth. We need a leader not a community organizer.
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