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NAACP Suggests Removal of Battle Flag from Trooper Uniforms

posted Jul 15, 2015 22:16:14 by Consfearacynewz
An Alabama chapter of the NAACP says it's time to remove the Confederate battle flag from state troopers' uniforms and patrol vehicles.

Rev. Robert Shanklin of the NAACP's Huntsville chapter told local media the flag is offensive and should not be included in uniforms state troopers wear or on the vehicles they drive. The battle flag is part of the Alabama state seal.

The flag has come under renewed scrutiny since nine black churchgoers were fatally shot during Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina. The man charged in the shooting had been photographed with the flag numerous times.

Some have said the flag represents Southern heritage. Others have said the symbol is divisive and white supremacy is at the heart of the heritage the flag represents.

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