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Volunteers take up arms to guard recruiting centers

posted Jul 21, 2015 17:06:43 by Consfearacynewz
A group of Granite Staters are taking up arms following the killing of four Marines and a Navy Petty Officer in Tennessee last week.

The armed volunteers stationed themselves outside military recruiting centers to stand guard in the wake of the shootings. They promised to stay there until all military members can carry weapons while on duty.

"The threat is here," said an off-duty law enforcement officer who identified himself as Steve D. "That was an act of war last week on our country."

Restrictions on who could carry weapons on domestic military facilities were put in place by the Pentagon in the 1990s. In most cases, only military police can carry weapons.

Some of the volunteers at the facilities Monday were veterans, others were off-duty police officers and others said they were civilians. Volunteer Tim Dow said he was taking a vacation from his job to stand guard outside the armed forces recruiting office in Manchester.

"If it takes the citizens to come together to arm these types of establishments, then we'll do so until the government steps up," he said.

Brian Blackdon was standing guard in Concord. He said he will keep doing it until members of the military can arm themselves.

"They need to be armed," he said. "They're in uniform. They're protecting our liberties, and for them not to be armed is disgusting."

"We're the third line of defense," Steve D. said. "The military, then law enforcement and then we the people. I just can't sit back and not let these guys be protected."

At one point, a mother of two approached the armed men. She asked News 9 not to use her name because her husband is serving overseas. She said she wasn't there to question the volunteers but to thank them.

"Because it's something we as Americans should be doing," she said. "They’re protecting us, and we should be doing our part here."

The volunteers said they are keeping an eye out for trouble, not looking to start it.

"The public needs to understand that times have changed," Steve D. said. "This isn't the country we grew up in when we were little."

The group members said they coordinated with local law enforcement about their plans and said they were met with gratitude.
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