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Wake Up and Stop Lion to Yourself

posted Jul 31, 2015 19:32:07 by RickMatheson
**Warning** Be mad at me if you want for what I am about to write, but I do not fit into the mold of political correctness, and never will.

As a father get choked up whenever I hear the story of the last words her father will ever hear "Help me dad". As she lay dying in his arms, him helpless to do anything other than watch the life pass from his beautiful, treasured daughter. Much more tragic than any lion dying under any circumstances.

How many eyes filled up in tears for the girl on the left, as she laid in her father's arms saying, help me daddy when she was gunned down? Of course, you have to feel empathy, some have it and some don't. Sad about lion, but more sad about this woman who was killed by the policy of this administration.

Cecil the Lion from Zimbabwe was killed unjustly by a foreigner who shouldn't of been there. Cecil was suppose to be protected by Zimbabwe's National Park Patrol. Killer receives death threats from people all over the US. People who stand up for Cecil are called loving.

Kate the Human from the US was killed unjustly by a foreigner who shouldn't of been there. Kate was supposed to be protected by US border patrol. No death threats around the US. People who stand up for Kate are called racist bigots.

18,000 children die every day! because of hunger and malnutrition, where is the outcry and outrage about their deaths?

Babies are being aborted and their bodies being sold to the highest bidder for research. Where is the outcry?

I do not give a rats ass about Cecil. But I do care about Kate and anyone else killed in this country. Second it is not the U.S. Wild life and fisheries business about what happened in Zimbabwe. It is out of their jurisdiction. People in this country care more about some animal than a human life and that is why our country is in the shape it is in. Very sad and shame on all you sheep.

Right now there are US citizens looking at this photo, looking back and forth at the pictures from left, to right. Right now someone's eyes are tearing like Jimmy Kimmel's did. As their eyes fill up with water, it is because they can't help but focusing at the picture to the right, and feel no emotion to the left picture. This is the reality of our current situation. This is what we are up against....
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