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Sticks and Stones

posted Feb 25, 2016 18:29:11 by RickMatheson
I refuse to be Politically Correct anymore. I will speak my tongue. Tough shit if it bothers anyone. If I swear it is because that sometimes a 4-letter word just suits the topic.
The old phrase, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me” needs to be spoken again and often to others, starting yesterday. Toughen up sissies. Speaking realism is NOT racism. Our nation has become so PC that we are being taken advantage of. I’m not going to be NICE anymore, I’m going to tell it like it is. If you can’t handle the truth, I’m not sorry. Sticks and stones.
Let’s put our thoughts on the table and speak out loud, the truth is out there, let’s find it.

Politically correctness (PC).
Two reporters brought down Nixon (Watergate). Now the news outlets are so PC, they won’t tell the truth. They hide the truth.
1. How did we not question a man with a Muslim name? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I’ve been told.
2. How did Obama pay for college? A $40,000 student loan pays for shit at Harvard. Who backed his campaign? Why did we not vet this man. PC!
3. Why hasn’t Obama been tried for treason? Berghdahl trade, Gitmo release. Iran deal. Obama seems to value Islam extremists over American safety. This is wrong. Get mad!

4. Why isn’t Hillary Clinton in jail for breaking the law with her own server? Did she want secret information to leak? She lies about lying (Benghazi), the Clinton Foundation hasn’t been properly scrutinized, and she bought votes in Nevada. Indict this woman.
5. Why does the US continually vote for lawyers who know how to break the law? There are other qualified people.
6. We need term limits. This will prevent corruption by limiting access to lobbyists and corporations. Go to the Convention of States website. Grassroots can do it. Tell Mark Levine I sent you.
7. Why is the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, so embedded in the White house? Obama, Jarrett, Johnson, Hillary’s aide (BTW who is the daughter of the founder), new Homeland security head. This is just a few. This fact should concern you.
8. Biden seems to be the token white Christian. HMMM.
9. Our token white spokespeople for the White house. I guess Obama thinks a white person can feed US bullshit and we will eat it. Seems to be working. Question this!
10. How did we let Michelle ruin our children’s eating experience at school? I’m sure a cafeteria worker in my junior high invented ranch dressing. The salad was awesome and fatty. My family was poor. Growing up I didn’t have many birthday parties. I lived for the day that I could celebrate at school. My Mom would spring for cupcakes. Don’t starve our kids! Don’t take holidays away. Improve their access to PE classes, afternoon sports, parks to prevent obesity.
WHY aren’t we questioning this? PC IS KILLING OUR NATION.

Black Privilege.
Now let’s address Black privilege. Emancipation, integration, welfare, free housing, quotas, Obamacare, homes with no financing, HARP bailout for those homes, free gas, free phones, Presidency. How the hell do these people think I’m better off being white? As a professional, I have seen slackers get away with (literally) people sleeping on the job and not pulling their weight. As an hourly worker, I see people abusing breaks and lunch hours. I would get fired!
Blacks have continuously made white people feel guilty for slavery. Black people ended up on our shores in 1700 because their own people sold them to slavery. It was the 1700’s, How the hell were we going to get you back home? The 1700’s! You were savages taken from huts wearing loin clothes half naked. Watch the movie or read the book Roots by Alex Haley. YOU are Kunte Kinte. Lets see if that movie is played during black history month. If you are black and can read this, thank a slave owner. Playing the race card must stop. Get a job. Go back to Africa if you are so unhappy.
I have relatives that fought in Wars. Why can’t I honor and be proud of them? History happened and mistakes were made. Live with it. Sticks and stones.

Realism is NOT racism therefore, having a reality check is NOT racist. Instincts exist for a reason. Sorry but some things scare me.
1. If a black man approaches me in the dark on my street. Violence seem to surround black men. (See stats for Chicago so far in 2016, scary).
2. If I have to go to the store late at night. I’m urban. I might have a sick kid, am I going to get mugged?
3. If a Muslim woman is dressed head to toe in a black tent with only their eyes showing. Is it a woman? Does that person have a weapon?
4. Mosques in the US. Are mosques in the US harboring extremists? CAIR has openly promoted using mosques for people to convene and plot Muslim agenda.
5. The Muslim Brotherhood has terrorists ties, why do we allow them in the US?
6. Why are we importing refugees that can’t be vetted. Why are they more important than a potential human American life taken by a terrorist?
7. Why are we giving Iran nuclear energy, why not solar? Don’t they live in the desert? Lots of sun there!
8. Why is Obama so weak? He doesn’t fight ISIL with any passion. It’s like he wants them to win.
9. If Saudis have a nuke, it’s because they have not lived up to an agreement made. It’s because, under Obama, America is weak. We don’t have a big stick anymore. We have a limp wrist.

I’m scared and I’m not going to be ashamed anymore to say it out loud!


So my point. Things need to change. There is now or never has been a 100% perfect politician. They all have their faults. They are ONLY human after all. I’m voting for Trump because he is a fighter, he speaks the truth, and he loves America. I am tired of politicians that promise one thing and do another. I’m tired of a community organizer Muslim in chief that has never had Americans backs. Politicians get away with murder, Trump can fix that.


Fuck the establishment!
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