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Modern Day Mind Control:Students scared by ‘Trump 2016’ chalk signs

posted Mar 24, 2016 17:11:38 by RickMatheson
We have become a nation of PUSSIES!!! These kids know exactly what they are doing. Just scream and kick and hold their breath and everyone will acquiesce. I say let them hold their breath. They will either breath on their own or they will pass out and then breath spontaneously. Stop pandering to spoiled brats..

The audio messages oozing into their poor minds with an endless loop:

"Trump is evil, Trump will destroy you, Trump is the devil, Trump will rape your mother, Trump will steal your soul, God hates Trump, Trump is Hitler, Trump is the antichrist, Trump killed your pet, Trump will destroy your dreams..."

Dozens of College Students ‘in fear’ After ‘Trump 2016’ Chalked Across Campus

“My reaction to the chalking was one of fear,” says one frightened student.

“I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe [here],” one female student told Wagner according to The Emory Wheel college paper. “But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well … I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school.”

University authorities are now investigating the person behind the chalkings, and student organizations are reportedly offering counseling for anyone negatively impacted by the messages.

“My reaction to the chalking was one of fear,” says one frightened student.

Several students at Emory University in Atlanta requested a meeting with the school’s president after the words “Trump 2016” were scrawled across campus.

Jim Wagner, the president of the university, said Tuesday he had spoken with some 40 to 50 students after they claimed they were triggered by the words “Trump 2016” and other pro-Trump messages written in chalk on buildings and sidewalks around campus.

The students said they were threatened by the “intimidating” messages, and voiced “genuine concern and pain” to administrators, reports the Associated Press.
The president met with students following a protest outside the Emory Administration building Monday in which demonstrators displayed “Stop Trump” and “Stop Hate” signs, with one student yelling, “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!”
The college news site The Tab published several photos of “the chalking.”

The president of Emory University has met with 40 to 50 student demonstrators who said they were concerned and frightened after someone wrote “Trump 2016” in chalk on campus sidewalks and some buildings.

Jim Wagner, president of the Atlanta university, wrote Tuesday that the students viewed the messages as intimidation, and they voiced “genuine concern and pain” as a result.

Emory on Wednesday provided The Associated Press with a copy of Wagner’s letter, in which he said students confronted by Trump’s name in chalk “heard a message about values regarding diversity and respect that clash with Emory’s own.”

Emory’s student newspaper, The Wheel, reported that the students this week chanted, “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!” shortly before Wagner agreed to meet with them.

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